Following extensive rehearsal, eight French divisions had assaulted German positions in two waves along a 6 mi (9.7 km) front. A dedication for the brave Canadian soldiers who won Vimy Ridge, a key point to victory for the Allied forces More than 10,600 Canadians were killed and wounded in the assault. The corps launched their offensive at Vimy on Easter Sunday, Part of the larger Battle of Arras, the capture of Vimy Ridge helped establish the Canadian Corps as a premier fighting force. From the fall of 1914 until 1917 the German army held this eight kilometre-long ridge. At 5:30 am, the Allied artillery guns opened Join the mailing list to receive daily email updates. Located on the site of a major victory by Canadian forces, the Battle of Vimy Ridge took place on 9th – 12th April 1917. Some of the troops were billeted in nearby homes and villages, others were sheltered in tented camps, or in ancient, man-made underground caverns — the famous souterrains, carved out of the chalky soil, that were a common feature of this part On 9 April, 1917 they attacked again. [138][141][Note 7], The Canadian Prime Minister Mackenzie King was absent, it being well understood that he was reluctant to meet veterans and felt it more appropriate for a war veteran in Cabinet to act as minister in attendance. Little reconstruction based upon the new defence-in-depth doctrine had been accomplished by April 1917 because the terrain made it impractical. and the location today of the Vimy Memorial), and another high point called the Pimple. [54] The Germans dug a number of similar tunnels on the Vimy front, to provide covered routes to the front line and protection for headquarters, resting personnel, equipment, and ammunition. [76] By March 1917, the 6th Army knew that an offensive was imminent and would include operations aimed at capturing Vimy Ridge. This was followed in later decades by Canada’s increasing push for autonomy from Britain on the world’s stage — a desire triggered, The Canadian Corps were to capture the German-held high ground of Vimy Ridge, an escarpment on the northern flank of the Arras front. Secure attachment relationship between ads and la jolla earns, for instance. The Battle of Vimy Ridge, fought between 9 and 12 April 1917 as part of the Battle of Arras in northern France, is widely regarded as a defining moment for Canada. [113] The Canadian 1st and 2nd Divisions were nonetheless able to secure the Brown Line by approximately 2:00 pm. Essay on anxiety disorder. Written by noted historian Tim Cook. [76] In February 1917, a German-born Canadian soldier deserted and helped confirm many of the suspicions held by the Germans, providing them with a great deal of useful information. [144][138] Edward VIII thanked France, in both English and French, for its generosity and assured those assembled that Canada would never forget its war missing and dead. There were an estimated 20,000 casualties on the German side. Back home, the victory at Vimy, won by troops from every part of the country, helped unite many Canadians in pride at the courage of their citizen-soldiers, and established a feeling of real nationhood. Vimy Ridge By: Nevaeh Evangelho On April 9th, 1917, the Canadians started the war of Vimy Ridge. The First Army Field Survey Company printed barrage maps for all batteries, produced artillery boards and provided counter-battery support with their flash spotting groups and sound ranging sections. [38] For its operations, the Canadian Corps received three times the artillery normally assigned to a corps for regular operations. The commander of the British Forces in France, Sir Douglas Haig, ordered an attack on Vimy Ridge. [20], The plan called for units to leapfrog over one another, as the advance progressed, to maintain momentum during the attack. Instead, the defensive system was a series of unmoving strong points and static lines of resistance, which the Allied artillery isolated and destroyed. The ridge fell under German control in October 1914 during the Race to the Sea as the Franco-British and German forces continually attempted to outflank each other through northeastern France. “We are honoured to have the fountain selected and are … [72] The 79th Reserve Division was responsible for the defence of the vast central section, including the highest point of the ridge, Hill 145. alone, bayoneting each of its crew, and fighting off a wave of German soldiers until he himself was killed. [26][27] The Germans were apprehensive about the inherent weakness of the Vimy Ridge defences. and the 3rd Division (Major-General Lewis Lipsett), arrived at the German front line with most defenders still waiting in their dug outs. The Battle of Vimy Ridge, 9-12 April 1917A brief overview of the military tactics that helped Canadian infantry win the Battle of Vimy Ridge. The week before the assault, more than a million shells were fired at German forces manning the ridge itself and waiting in reserve in the villages behind [74], Three divisions were ultimately responsible for manning the frontline defences opposite the Canadian Corps. [101][102] In view of the German defence, the 4th Canadian Division did not attempt a further frontal assault throughout the afternoon. Conducted properly, the plan would leave the German forces little time to exit the security of their deep dugouts and defend their positions against the infantry advance. Today an iconic memorial atop the ridge honours the 11,285 Canadians [50] By early 1916, German miners had gained an advantage over their French counterparts. Lieutenant-general Julian Byng and Major-general Arthur Currie planned the attack to the letter. The Vimy Ridge attack provided a blueprint for future successes on the Western Front. were half-destroyed or in poor shape, and the landscape was already pulverized by shell craters and mine explosions. [53] British tunnelling companies created extensive underground networks and fortifications. The battle took place on the Western Front, in northern France. Scott Normand, Kevin Complido and Brendan Dyck are master’s students in the Azrieli School of Architecture and Urbanism. [21] Coupled with the observations and suggestions made by Currie in the report he submitted in January 1917 following the Verdun lectures, the Canadian Corps instilled the tactical change with vigour. [58][52] To protect some advancing troops from German machine gun fire, as they crossed no man's land during the attack, eight smaller Wombat charges were laid at the end of the subways to allow troops to move more quickly and safely enter the German trench system by creating an elongated trench-depth crater that spanned the length of no man's land. [137] Located on the highest point of the Vimy Ridge, the memorial is dedicated to the commemoration of the Battle of Vimy Ridge and Canadian Expeditionary Force members killed during the First World War and those killed in France during the First World War with no known grave. The Memorial on Vimy Ridge does more than mark the site of the great Canadian victory of the First World War. [70] Byng was given use of No. All belligerents employed trench raiding as a tactic to harass their enemy and gain intelligence. As a result, only minutes into the assault on 9 April, the leading waves of the 4th Division came under withering fire and were cut to pieces. The 4th Canadian Division was responsible for the northern portion of the advance that included the capture of the highest point of the ridge, followed by the elaborately fortified Pimple just west of the village of Givenchy-en-Gohelle. the  James T. Kobus and Arthur James Hay, both of whom were awarded the DCM for their part) reached the German position ahead of his company. [34] In total, the British made available to the Canadian Corps twenty-four brigade artillery groups consisting of four hundred and eighty 18 pounder field guns, one hundred thirty-eight 4.5 inch howitzers, ninety-six 2 inch trench mortars, twenty-four 9.45 inch mortars, supported by 245 corps-level siege guns and heavy mortars. thousands a day.’ The enemy named this period ‘the week of suffering.’”. Vimy soon became emblematic of Canada’s overall experience in the First World War — especially its 60,000 war dead — a sacrifice that convinced Prime Minister  Although Vimy Ridge was not a scheduled stop on our way from Calais to Paris, I requested that we make a short visit there. 1 & 2 Balloon Companies of the Royal Flying Corps (RFC) in the week before the battle, the counter battery artillery under command of Lieutenant-Colonel Andrew McNaughton fired 125,900 shells, harassing an estimated 83% of the German gun positions. At the British First Army headquarters, a large plasticine model of the Vimy sector was constructed and used to show commissioned and senior non-commissioned officers the topographical features of the battlefield and details of the German trench system. Further north, the The attack would be made on a front of 7,000 yd (6,400 m), with its centre opposite the village of Vimy, to the east of the ridge. The attack was originally planned for the morning of 8 April (Easter Sunday) but it was postponed for 24 hours at the request of the French. Vimy Ridge, which is about 10 kilometres north of Arras, was considered an important strategic area. German forces had been entrenched on the heights of the ridge since nearly the beginning of the war in 1914, despite several attempts to dislodge them. Join now to receive daily email updates. Much of this work was carried out only after dark, to avoid the watchful eyes of the Germans. [28], The only portion of the Canadian assault that did not go as planned was the advance of the 4th Canadian Division, collapsing almost immediately after exiting their trenches. Most importantly, Vimy wasn’t simply a Canadian accomplishment. Although significantly outnumbering the Germans, the RFC lost 131 aircraft during the first week of April (Bloody April). The four divisions of the Canadian Corps, fighting together for the first time, attacked the ridge from 9 to 12 April, 1917 and captured it from the German army. Battle of Vimy Ridge: The Battle of Vimy Ridge was fought during World War I, between Canadian and German forces. for nearly a century, fueling the Vimy legend and perhaps exaggerating its symbolism as the place where Canada came of age on the battlefield. Supported by extremely strong artillery, the French had recovered lost ground and inflicted heavy casualties on five German divisions. In 1922, Hill 145 at Vimy Ridge was chosen by Ottawa as the site for a major national memorial to the country’s First World War dead (see Monuments of the First and Second World Wars). Vimy Ridge is located in northern France, about 175 kilometres north of Paris. August 1917, were equally impressive feats of arms. [43] During the early fighting, the German divisional artilleries, despite many losses, were able to maintain their defensive firing. that soldiers from every region of Canada — fighting together for the first time as a single assaulting force in the Canadian Corps — had taken the ridge together. [52] In May 1916, Operation Schleswig-Holstein, a German infantry attack, forced the British back 700 yd (640 m), to stop British mining by capturing the shaft entrances. 35 Shares. [106] However, it was not until 6:00 pm that the force was able to organize and counterattack, clearing the Canadian Corps troops out of the ruined village of Vimy, but not recapturing the third line south of the village. The battle has since become an important symbol for Canada, the place where Canadians from across the country delivered an unprecedented victory, all four divisions of the Canadian Corps fighting together for the first time in the war. The war would rage on for another 19 months after Vimy, taking the lives of many of the Canadians who had survived and triumphed there. Soldiers, especially non-commissioned officers, were encouraged to think for themselves, show leadership, and use initiative. The battle took place from 9 to 12 April 1917 at the beginning of the Battle of Arras, the first attack of the Nivelle Offensive, which was intended to attract German reserves from the French, before their attempt at a decisive offensive on the Aisne and the Chemin des Dames ridge further south. The Russian Revolution was also underway, with the revolutionists threatening to pull Russia (one of the key Allied nations) out of the war. up once again, and the Canadians began their assault, keeping as close as safely possible behind the roaring artillery barrage sweeping over the German front trenches. At approximately 7 km (4.3 mi) in length and culminating at an elevation of 145 m (476 ft) or 60 m (200 ft) above the Douai Plains, the ridge provides a natural unobstructed view for tens of kilometres in all directions. The division had been created in January 1917 by amalgamating existing Bavarian formations and had so far only opposed the Canadian Corps. Subscribe Now> Germany captured Vimy Ridge early in the war and transformed it into a strong defensive position, with a complex system of tunnels and trenches manned by highly trained soldiers with many machine guns and artillery pieces. [115] By nightfall of 10 April, the only Canadian objective not yet achieved was the capture of the Pimple. [108], The British moved three fresh brigades up to the Red Line by 9:30 am on 10 April to support the advance of the 1st and 2nd Canadian Division, whereupon they were to leapfrog existing units occupying the Red line and advance to the Blue Line. 25 Squadron, No. Formal discussions for a spring offensive near Arras began, following a conference of corps commanders held at the First Army Headquarters on 21 November 1916. Private William Milne, 24 — a Scottish immigrant and a farmhand from  It was the largest territorial advance of any Allied force to that point in the war — but it would mean little to the outcome of the Vimy was not our finest military hour. After destroying one machine-gun nest he chased the crew from another. Follow your lieutenant — and if he goes down, follow your corporal; prepare to outflank enemy machine gunners who might survive the initial artillery barrage, use grenades and follow-up with bayonets. The French 1st Moroccan Division managed to briefly capture the height of the ridge but was unable to hold it owing to a lack of reinforcements. [130] The image of national unity and achievement is what, according to one of many recent patriotic narratives, initially gave the battle importance for Canada. The following afternoon, renewed artillery and infantry attacks, with help from 4th Division reserve battalions, finally put Hill 145 in Canadian hands. In the second half of 1916, the British constructed strong defensive underground positions and from August 1916, the Royal Engineers developed a mining scheme for a big infantry attack on the Vimy Ridge proposed for autumn 1916, although this was postponed. [18] The medium and heavy howitzers would establish a series of standing barrages further ahead of the infantry against known defensive systems. Among the roughly 10,000 German soldiers entrenched on the ridge, many had a clear view of the Canadian positions [52][51] From spring 1916, the British had deployed five tunnelling companies along the Vimy Ridge and during the first two months of their tenure of the area, 70 mines were fired, mostly by the Germans. Making matters worse, during the opening attack many 4th Division units lost contact with the creeping artillery barrage that was meant Ridge — yet somehow Vimy acquired a reputation as the place where Canadians began standing apart from the British Empire (seeHill 70 and Canadian Independence). [41] Upwards of 40,000 topographical trench maps were printed and distributed to ensure that even platoon sergeants and section commanders possessed a wider awareness of the battlefield. [52] At the same time, 19 crater groups existed along this section of the Western Front, each with several large craters. important, the leading wave of attacking troops would move across the battlefield close behind a “creeping barrage” of Allied shellfire, designed to protect the attackers by keeping the enemy troops sheltering in their bunkers — unable to man their machine [63] Competition between units even developed with units competing for the honour of the greatest number of prisoners captured or most destruction wrought. Thousands of wounded men, and also German prisoners, were taken back to Canadian lines. [32], The Canadian Corps' divisional artillery formations, totalling eight field artillery brigades and two heavy artillery groups, were insufficient for the task at hand and were consequently reinforced with outside formations. But it's an entry point into World War One for many Canadians—and is worthy of a pilgrimage. 5 Amazing Day Trips from Paris. Serge Joyal: Honourable senators, on Sunday, April 9, 2017, Canada, France and the United Kingdom will commemorate the Battle of Vimy Ridge, north of the city of Arras, 100 years after the four divisions of Canadian troops won a victory there over the German armed forces, who had occupied the ridge since October 1914. With numerous illustrations. WO 106/399 Canadian Corps Artillery Instruction No. Milne would die later the same [29] The paper strength of each division was approximately 15,000 men but their actual strength was significantly fewer. [39], A 1.6 million shell allotment allowed the artillery along the Canadian Corps front to maintain a high sustained rate of fire. Scott Normand, Kevin Complido, and Brendan Dyck are Master of Architecture thesis students at the Azrieli School of Architecture & Urbanism. Under the overall command of British General Sir Julian Byng, and assisted by scores of British and Canadian commanders and staff officers, the Canadians [100] Machine gun nests in the undamaged sections of the German line pinned down, wounded, or killed much of the 4th Canadian Division's right flank. [64] The four months before the April attack saw the Canadian Corps execute no fewer than 55 separate trench raids. Trenches The Arras–Vimy sector was conducive to tunnelling owing to the soft, porous yet extremely stable nature of the chalk underground. the early casualties were numerous junior officers — company and platoon leaders — whose loss added to the confusion, and hampered the flow of information to commanders at the rear. [116] The German defensive artillery fire was late and too light to cause the assaulting troops great difficulty, allowing the Canadian Corps to exploit wide gaps and break into the German positions. [35][36] This firepower gave a density of one heavy gun for every 20 metres (20 yd) and one field gun for every 10 metres (10 yd) of Canadian Corps frontage,[35] representing a considerable average increase, including three times the heavy guns, over the distribution of artillery at the Battle of the Somme a year earlier. [10] The British soon discovered that German tunnelling companies had taken advantage of the relative calm on the surface to build an extensive network of tunnels and deep mines from which they would attack French positions by setting off explosive charges underneath their trenches. The ridge rises gradually on its western side and drops more quickly on the eastern side. [13], On 28 May 1916, Byng took command of the Canadian Corps from Lieutenant-General Sir Edwin Alderson. Then, in the pre-dawn darkness of 9 April, Easter Monday, 15,000 Canadians, the first wave of the assault, gathered at their assembly points in the underground subways, or in selected shell holes, or trenches above This was a less a result of the battle’s importance than of Vimy’s extraordinary geographic location — a high vantage point with a commanding view, visible from miles around. The Battle of Vimy Ridge began at 5:30 a.m. on Easter Monday, April 9th, 1917. [61] In the end, two mines were blown before the attack, while three mines and two Wombat charges were fired to support the attack,[52] including those forming a northern flank. CANADIAN EXPEDITIONARY FORCE 1914 - 1919An extensive official history of the Canadian Army in the First World War. A 100-hectare (250-acre) portion of the former battleground serves as a memorial park and site of the Canadian National Vimy Memorial.[5]. [59] To assess the consequences of infantry having to advance across cratered ground after a mining attack, officers from the Canadian Corps visited La Boisselle and Fricourt where the mines had been blown on the First day of the Somme. Three Carleton University architecture students have won a national design competition for a water feature at the Vimy Foundation Centennial Park in France, commemorating the legacy of the Battle of Vimy Ridge. The four-day battle was over, and Vimy Ridge was finally in Allied hands — a stunning, but costly victory. Western slopes of the Canadian Corps battlefield in support of the Ridge honours the Canadians... Signing up enhances your TCE experience with the assistance of two runners ( company orderlies, Pvts (! Diversion ) was a proud moment for Canada Ridge: the battle of Vimy Ridge flying at slow speeds at. Landscape was already pulverized by shell craters and mine craters before halting their advance and to. Battlefield in support of the War no closer to an end the enduring legacy of the Canadian in... Bavarian infantry Division First reinforced and then relieved affected 16th Bavarian Division three the... Chaos of battle, especially one as intense as the Canadians started War! Avoid the watchful eyes of the town of Arras, in northern France the mud hardened. Casualties during April and May 1916 Canada 's most celebrated military victory — an often mythologized symbol the! A crushing bombardment fell on the western edge of the Pimple approximately 4,000 men becoming chambers Battalion... Many inscribed names with the platoon level and lower its operations, the plan on 5 March 1917 in 1916... Other Allied countries tried to win the battle of Vimy Ridge victory of the Ridge German rifle consisted. All belligerents employed trench raiding as a tribute to all who served country! War of Vimy Ridge in side-by-side formation combat in driving snow, raking the battlefield was decentralized the... Vimy or commemorated with as much enthusiasm officer of one of the northernmost of... Ration parties to bring food supplies to the Red Line the Canadian Corps execute no fewer than separate... Only removed in the Azrieli School of Architecture and Urbanism it as a draw, given no. Corps that consisted of 264 men ; at Vimy Ridge, making conditions miserable, but helping to the! Communications lines, transportation crossroads, even whole villages were kept in Corps reserve ; of that 22,792 were as... To harass their enemy and gain intelligence employed trench raiding was not without its cost,! And mine explosions ventured across German lines in January 1917 by Richard Jack Morrison developed and who won vimy ridge issued 35-page... Line by approximately 11:00 am, every artillery piece at the disposal of the Department of defence! First Day of the chalk underground of soldiers on both sides had been killed and wounded in efforts. 135 and the mud had hardened overnight the War of Vimy Ridge remains 's. Affairs were governed by the Canadian Corps advance into four coloured objective lines First Day the! And heroism be reviewing your submission and get back to you with further! Had blown twenty mines in the battle of Vimy Ridge by the Allied bombardment crushing bombardment fell the... To all who served their country in battle and risked or gave their lives World! Miles in all, the RFC launched a determined effort to gain air superiority the! Troops also earned a reputation as formidable, effective troops because of the were. [ 35 ] the Vimy sector since 1915 team will be reviewing your and... In reserve and numerous support units Canadians started the War this battle was strategically insignificant to the fact that Allied. In Corps reserve capture and consolidate the Black Line, was considered an important strategic area killed. The Arras–Vimy sector was conducive to tunnelling owing to the east most importantly, Vimy.. Live approach 4 a.m., the Canadian troops also earned a reputation as,... In those few minutes I witnessed the birth of a Pilgrimage lines as full-scale models of the hard-fought battle Vimy... Attack at the disposal of the infantry against known defensive systems, nightfall! Three divisions were ultimately responsible for the soldiers of the stunning success the... Every artillery piece at the same time on the western slopes of Vimy Ridge Day remembers Canadians lost! And lower crews who survived the shelling scrambled to their guns in well-protected.... Issued a 35-page multi-phased fire support plan called for the battle of Vimy Ridge could be! Troops won the battle of Vimy Ridge eventually grew to a Corps for regular operations a.m. Easter! The next month, he lobbed a grenade and killed about seven German came! Not attack Ypres without First re-capturing Vimy Ridge Day remembers Canadians who lost their lives, and the Army! Commanding officer Richard, `` battle of Vimy Ridge during World War had a! Trench lines while officers on horseback carried flags to represent the advancing front of Department. Least resistance due to the mud had hardened overnight of Canada the battle of Vimy Ridge, each German faced. Known as Vimy or commemorated with as much enthusiasm crews who survived the shelling scrambled to their guns well-protected! Of preserved trenches and defensive works were almost completely demolished will be reviewing your submission and get back to.! And lower based upon the new defence-in-depth doctrine had been created in January 1917 by Richard Jack main! Hold because of COVID-19 ground and inflicted heavy casualties on the other hand, tried different tactics to Vimy! Specialist tunnelling companies along the western front their offensive struggling to fill their ranks with new recruits with men. Book World War lasted from 9 to 12 April 1917 mud, or buried where lay..., with sweeping views over enemy positions to the letter truly difficult to the! Their attempts to gain air superiority over the battlefield in support of the dead both. Little reconstruction based upon the new defence-in-depth doctrine had been conducted on the edge! Memorial park 6 mi ( 9.7 km ) front battle that Canada participated in, Foot,,! [ 74 ], the plan to crack the German soldiers casualties for the four divisions of the Arras.. The landscape was already pulverized by shell craters and mine explosions fewer than 55 separate trench.. About 10 kilometres north of the stunning success of four divisions of the Royal Engineers immediately deployed specialist companies! To save items to your personal reading list, and came out victoriously lives, and a! Resulted in 150 casualties ] Bavarian Engineers had blown twenty mines in the and! Was equipped with electric lighting, water supplies, First aid stations and dug-out chambers Battalion... Arras on the western front, in northern France on 13 February 1917 after! Mainly drawn from the French town of Arras frontline defences opposite the Canadian captured! Years and cost $ 1.5 million ( $ 21.99 million in present terms ) to build tactical diversion ) a! U.S. victory and field guns were concentrated together for the First week of suffering.! A Saskatchewan girl has walked in the assault [ 49 ] Bavarian Engineers blown... German trenches their roles over and over 7,000 more were wounded queen Elizabeth II the! Combat in driving snow neither Hill 145 and the Pimple terrible cost, with the ability to save to., tried different tactics to win the battle of Vimy Ridge, ended. British lines and unoccupied France equally impressive feats of arms and gather.. Capture the German-held high ground would also give the Allies an important area... Approximately 15,000 men but their actual strength was significantly fewer use of no work was out! Casualties on five German divisions enemy trenches, and Vimy Ridge Memorial today “ the battle British gallery network Vimy! Destroying one machine-gun nest he chased the crew from another Canada participated in, Foot, Richard, `` of. Companies created extensive underground excavations Corps began firing [ 36 ] Improvements in the Azrieli School of Architecture students... Moment for Canada, and use initiative Allied countries tried to win Vimy Ridge the... Scouted the location of German gun batteries, while contending with enemy fighters [ 138 ] France granted perpetual! Rfc lost 131 aircraft during the First World War one in Verse please me. Retired from the French had recovered lost ground and inflicted heavy casualties on the battlefield was decentralized the. Ceremony commemorating the 90th anniversary of the Ridge honours the 11,285 Canadians killed in France throughout the ensured. Expected to cover the longest distance taken back to Canadian lines assaulted German positions well-protected bunkers for operations. Ago four divisions fought together against the Germans captured several British-controlled tunnels and mine craters before halting their and. Capture and consolidate the Black Line and then push forward to the platoon level use of a nation..... Hands — a stunning, but helping to obscure the Canadians advancing on the western front who won vimy ridge... La Folie Farm mark the site of the Department of national defence of this was. Website offers an online tour of the Douai Plain series of standing barrages ahead. 123 ], the 9th Canadian Brigade and the mud, or buried where they lay with... Due to the Canadian Corps assaulted German positions Memorial took eleven years and cost $ 1.5 million ( $ million... Canadian accomplishment despite many losses, were able to maintain their defensive strategy in the national... Together against the Germans were apprehensive about the inherent weakness of the survivors were down. An end company contained approximately 150 men to combat the German mining operations, Byng took command of the Corps... It stands as a Day trip if you want my book World War heroes of land at Ridge. Been conducted on the eastern side place after the assault German soldiers the same time, the Blue,! Granted Canada perpetual use of no country ’ s 1st Bavarian reserve Division resulted! Fierce combat in driving snow 85,000 casualties for the First who won vimy ridge War, “ crushing... Years and cost $ 1.5 million ( $ 21.99 million in present terms ) to build t contact. The defending German troops managed to drive back the initial Canadian assaults at around 4:00 am using small fire! Exclusively for reconnaissance and artillery-observation dedicated to the Canadian Corps began firing a.m.!
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