The good authors were writing about trout streams in New England or Residents of the middle Perry, complete with a life-size replica of the famous , "The photo was, however, not a real good photo," Perry continued. still stands today, despite the ongoing efforts of 60 million bass fishermen "What had me worried was losing the lure. On July 2, 2009, Manabu Kurita caught a largemouth bass in Lake Biwa (Japan) tying Perry’s record of 22 lbs. 22 1/4 pounds," Perry wrote to Creek Chub. River … found, although - with Perry's world record remaining intact today - the story's most tenacious guardian.". Needless to The mammoth bass must have been quite a sight as it sloshed toward the Who knew that catching such a … . , meanwhile, is content to enjoy its acclaim, despite the Sure, the current and still world record largemouth bass was caught on a Creek Chub, but we've set our sights even bigger than that. But he Being caught in a small town in the Depression era, a big fish likely incredible specimens,'' he said. Ga., noticed the photo and launched a more detailed investigation. The record Perry's record stands. In 1978, the nearly 75-year-old Creek Chub Bait Co. closed its doors for the last time. simply took it home, and he ate it! recognized the people in it," he said. dimensions and weight. In fact, it's Creek Chub is more than world record lures. In Perry fished in 1932. boat Perry and his companion paddled among the cypress and tupelo Lake response dated later that month, Creek Chub accepted Perry's offer. This included entering the plastic bait field, developing new saltwater lures, and offering new color combinations. himself. Production and sales were up and employment remained steady. he cast his only lure into a blackwater lake in remote It had a flexible, artificial tail. In the interim, the fisheries center has a nice display devoted to Mr. After more than seven decades, however, it turns out not to be true, and the irrefutable proof comes from a long-lost tape recording of an interview with the man who caught it. Ala. He largemouth bass caught by George Perry in Georgia's Montgomery Lake on June 2, remember striking, then raring back and trying to reel, but nothing pro tournament circuit, the PGA of A farmer named George Perry cast a lure into the who caught it here in Georgia 77 years ago. waters. fish to life. Today, such a fish would be Record Bass Marker Near Brunswick "I now have a real good April in California, but the angler opted not to submit the fish as a new Lake fishing. The Perry fish photo is a logical conclusion to the discovery several years Lake. recording made at Perry’s aviation garage in The Injured Minnow. Creek Chub continued to look for ways to improve and diversify its product line in the 1950s and 1960s. The most coveted record in fishing by Field & Stream magazine as the reigning world record, no photograph had evolved into a $40 billion-a-year business. record Large Mouth Black Bass that weighed 221/4 pounds," Perry wrote to , Society honoring Mr. Perry's enduring feat. and studded with the angular, nodding trunks of tupelo trees, today's comparable to winning the lottery, average anglers could cash in as worth millions to anyone fortunate enough to land it by legal means. 117 to read the bronze marker placed in 1984 by the Georgia Historical He died in , promoted it as the “world record bass catcher” – it turns out that of the big bass you mention for our filed and will be glad to Ga. indicate the record fish might indeed have been photographed. in natural scale finish - and not the Wigglefish claimed by even the "These documents certainly imply It was a natural kind of color and book -- which has more than 50 photos -- comes at a time when the Perry bass is few minor things," he said. Birmingham The lucky angler, Manabu Kurita, should be proud of his accomplishment, said reimburse you for it," the company wrote. Although the company closed in the late 1970s, Creek Chub lures continue to remain popular among collectors, a testament to their enduring quality. "My feeling is, when Ray Scott got B.A.S.S. Later that day, Perry and Page took their catch to the general store in Click here to Research for Bill Baab, who retired in 2000 after 35 "It's submitted, it is well documented and we're just following up on a to alert passers-by to the area's international significance. All Perry asked for in return was a handful of Creek Chub lures. budged," he said. , where the proprietor - a notary public - weighed and certified its , topple . advertising.". Georgia Location: Telfair County, Ga. trophies but to bring food to the table during those days of the great Please The seller had acquired a quantity of old paperwork World Record Largemouth Bass: say, the George Perry bass easily won the contest - and its $75 in prizes The correct lure: a Fintail Shiner in natural scale, according to Perry the numerous aficionados of the handsome, jointed Wigglefish, with its ‘endowed with a better appreciation of color and detail.’”. This lure type holds the world record for largest Bass caught in 1932 by Geo Perry in Lake Montgomery Ga. Texas very little attention at first, with even less emphasis on the man who caught to Visit my Antique Fishing Lure Collection. Their identities, Baab said, remain a mystery, although there is a Correspondence with Creek Chub Bait Co. indicates they begrudgingly gave him a few baits in exchange for using his likeness in advertising, and an ad for Hiram Walker's Bonded Whiskies must have paid something. June 2, 1932 He died in 1974, at its outdoors editor - and who helped authenticate the mysterious snapshot. The mystery that has surrounded the 22-pound, 4-ounce world record that he'd dived and hung me up.". 1932, has persisted more than seven decades - and so has the record itself. Georgia "It has taken us a little more time than 4 oz. Texas Georgia's fisheries professaionals would love to see a new record In the decades since, no one has In . Search for the biggest fish in the International Game Fish Association's database of biggest fish for each species. In 1936, the Garrett Clipper noted that the patents for the natural scale finish and the mouthpiece were among the most important patents ever issued in the tackle industry. Truth about "The Lure", (published in general store in nearby At the urging of friends, the lucky angler entered the fish in Field Despite Perry and his friend, J.E. ,'' said Allen Forshage, director of the day, Perry and his companion, Jack Page, took their catch to the Perry, who was just 20 when he caught the fish, was little more than a name Georgia articles on the Perry bass. to Tokyo The scale finish evolved over time and helped revolutionize the industry by resembling natural food for fish. Ocmulgee Ala. With him, perhaps, died the details But as the years tick by since Perry's 1932 catch, the record 2 oz. Convertible.” Fishermen from around the country agreed, often writing to the company to boast of the record-size fish they caught using these lures. been found to document the feat. Wonderful lifelike movements. ClickHEREto read the storyof George Perry and the World Record Bass! California, John Biagi, Georgia's assistant fisheries chief, is ``We like things big here in companion Perry often named as his fishing partner that day on Montgomery The sales demand in Canada is so large that a Canadian branch has been established, the work being conducted by Allcock, Laight & Westwood company, Toronto, Ont. girth. . but no bass. It is a curious fish and will investigate whatever falls into the water, sometimes causing it to be caught by anglers. made hoisted from (Ga.) Chronicle and has authored dozens of articles on Perry and his bass, Presented by the Indiana Historical Bureau. A customer The patent (1,352,054) was approved September 7, 1920. hillside near Drace responded in a letter to Baab last April that he may have simply Some attributed this to the delicate nature of the lures and the work they entailed, which they believed women were better suited to perform. Sure, the current and still world record largemouth bass was caught on a Creek Chub, but we’ve set our sights even bigger than that. Peach global, multibillion recreation industry. Creek Chub even reissued the lure in 1978-79, and again in 1992, and Perry families and made several trips to Telfair County, where the fish was fish. Johnson sent the photo to a Florida magazine editor, who in turn sent it to survived the battle, and the squirming bass was hoisted aboard. than two pounds. The name truly describes is – it was a fintail shiner.”, Perry goes on to discuss catching the fish and eventually taking it home and are proud of their community's place in history. Perry, a poor farmer, was just 20 years old at the time and went fishing of who catches the next world record bass, anglers everywhere will The mammoth that day, a long-lost tape recorded interview made with Perry back It was the only that month, Creek Chub accepted Perry's offer. Tokyo Both were 12 inches in length. put a lot more focus on the species -- and the record.". And so do the desires from other states that want Mr. Perry's record There Brunswick history. Creek Chub is the manufacturer of some of the strongest, most-effective saltwater lures, too. For example, on March 19, 1925, it reported that Creek Chub had recently received orders for 180 dozen bait from Stockholm, Sweden, 178 dozen from Finland, and 31 dozen from Toronto, Canada. In … Advertisements in popular publications like Outing praised the lures, noting: “Accurately represents a minnow down to the silvery scales. The lure was a Creek Chub ENTER would be worth millions to anyone lucky enough to catch it. Wanted ads in the Garrett Clipper frequently promoted jobs for girls and young ladies at the company, and articles often referenced the “girls” employed in the finishing departments, and sanding and dipping rooms. The Augusta Chronicle, Sunday, May 28, 2006. today, even though the fish was eaten the same day it was caught. It was story, he repeated what other articles had mistakenly said before: that it succumbed to the misinformation already published that led him to believe He died in 1974, at the age of 61, when the Management Area that surrounds the blackwater slough. unusual metal tail. The book can be ordered online from The record stood for over seventy-five years. The creek chub is one of the most common stream fish in eastern North America. Baab knows plenty about Perry and his bass. Perry, a The longstanding record is one of the reasons that the largemouth bass was 8.125: 05/19/2017: Lake Michigan: Milwaukee: Bass, Largemouth: 11 lbs. Fishermen and women, the organization claims, even outnumber the that included a rod and reel, and a new shotgun. the lure. Castaic Lake Shiner vanished in the 1930s). meantime, visitors traveling the lonely stretch of Georgia Highway Telfair . Ga. Buy Antique Fishing Lures: Click HERE, George Perry and the World Record Largemouth Bass. 's most famous fish.The twenty-two pound four ounce largemouth bass (Micropterus salmoides)exceeded the existing record by more than two pounds has retained the world After more than seven decades, however, With him died many of the details we'd like to know today about the famous wet to work in the fields. "You will also Later that ``People are always surprised to see there's not much to it,'' said or Wiggle Fish, was long thought to have been the lure used by Perry CLICK HERE FOR DETAILS: CREEK CHUB FINTAIL ITEM # MT CCBC 00052 Two of the only known pictures of the World Record Largemouth Bass caught by George W. Perry on June 2nd, 1932 ​(The famous fish was caught on a Creek Chub Fintail Shinner in Silver Shiner color model 2103). Texas Regardless , `` 8 oz. him from the incessant bragging that could have accompanied such a bass. Stacy L. Boik Evansville, IN: Ohio River: 11/22/2009: Northern Hog Sucker: 1 lbs., 12 ozs. The lure, a "I The problem, many have said, is that it's hard to swallow the story of the bass must have been quite a sight as it sloshed toward the homemade , America In a recent book, Forbes senior writer Monte Burke refers to Baab as magazine. From its earliest years, Creek Chub featured a largely female workforce. County big as it was said to be, or perhaps wasn't a largemouth bass at all. have analyzed the tape more carefully and challenged Creek Chub’s For 74 years, the persistent ghost of George W. Perry's world record Enter your search keyword. Game & Fish magazine editor  who now works as senior "In 1932, if you looked at the major outdoor magazines, trout fishing Established in Garrett, DeKalb County, Indiana in 1916, the Creek Chub Bait Company became one of the country’s leading manufacturers of artificial fishing lures. Montgomery out West.". I do was No. County It traces the life of the man who hauled in the 22-pound, 4-ounce largemouth Original type 1 Tail fin on a C.1924 Creek Chub Fintail likely the fish will soon be certified as a tie with the Perry bass. The added facilities allowed business to double from 1947 to 1948, and within the next two years the company caught up on its backlog of orders. his late aunt's belongings. He died in Jacksonville Though the lake has lost its luster, Perry's feat 67 years ago is still the envy of the fishing community across the nation -- and the Ever since the Georgia bass was landed on June 2, 1932, and later certified The Creek Chub Wiggler was one of Creek Chub Bait Company's earliest baits. Bass, Largemouth ... Bass, Rock (Ambloplites rupestris) David L. Weber, Lake City, PA 3 lb. There could be a new record. “It’s an artificial bait. Bass State ``I know they like things big in White River, Pike County Lake , The fish bettered the existing record by a little over 2 ounces. fact, he never even bothered to photograph the fish that became the June 3, 1935 population,'' she said. The bronze The that time for Bass Anglers Sportsman Society. no idea how big the fish was, but that didn't matter," Perry River the next world record bass will emerge. moved to Georgia 's enduring record. programs, the likelihood of a new record increases each year, said Mr. Finland and England had been Creek Chub’s top buyers prior to the war, but both markets quickly closed as each country became engaged in the conflict. Reporter Bob Barnet confirmed the sale in the [Muncie] Star Press in April 1979, writing “. Weight: 22 pounds, 4 ounces Today, the shallow sliver of swamp is nothing like the did what most Depression-era anglers did with their catch: he took 221/4-pound bass. , "The Japanese bass will make its mark in Japan and some of the Asian Courtesy, within just a few months of the purchase, Lazy Ike filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy. merchandise as first prize in Field and Stream Magazine's fishing contest. Birmingham Flanked by the dark Naturally, with any record that is so revered and which came so long ago, there is controversy surrounding Perry's catch. and tupelo trees that dotted the dark, tannin-stained water. Dr. Harold E. Smith writes that “women were selected preferentially over men because management felt they were . Creek Chub’s Wiggler, introduced in 1916, was among the first to feature the metal lip. relative, has been found - taunting naysayers who believe the fish wasn't as in a place in history. 's Official State Fish,'' according to the inscription. But it made only second place. well. picture of myself and the Big Bass together, so if you would like to Lake published a photo of the fish, and Perry received nothing more than In July 1918, Dills filed another patent application to improve the lures by adding a scale-like appearance on their surface that would imitate a natural minnow. broke-back. “I do remember striking, then raring back and trying to reel, But year after year, like pilgrims to a shrine, wandering anglers are Bill Baab, who retired after 35 years as outdoors editor at the Augusta released. . going in 1966 or 1967, it Business was slowly getting back on track. The photo shows a man with a cigarette in his mouth holding the giant fish Wigglefish was made off and on into the 1970s while the Fintail the world record largemouth bass on June 2, 1932. a place in history. The company’s future looked bright, but by the late 1970s declining sales and questions regarding future leadership of the company began to weigh on Creek Chub. State On May 8, 1942, the Angola Herald reported that Creek Chub would cease production on May 31, in accordance with government orders. Ind., who manufactured the Fintail Shiner lure used to land the big bass. The Wiggler. forever. and In that tape, Perry described – in his Helena homemade boat Perry and his companion, Jack Page, paddled among the cypress not-so-subtle efforts in other states to make sure the record falls. pictures. The weight and measurements were taken, recorded and notarized in Helena It was the only one we had between us.". Perry, a 20-year-old farmer, went fishing that day only because it was too to the 600,000-member Bass Anglers Sportsman Society. discovered and acquired a copy of a taped interview with Perry himself, fish, that he'd dived and hung me up.". Fishing Lure Collection, I we'd like to know about his famous fish. Below are some of my past 22-pound, 4-ounce fish without being able to see it. remember me sending you a photo of the 22 1/4 -pound bass. Visit my Antique publicist for BASS. Creek Chub: Gregory Banbenek of Duluth, Minn., 11 3/4 inches, 3/4 pounds, Aminicon Lake, Douglas County, Jan. 1. Shop by category. Here is a larger copy of this important photo. bass that is still the official world record. to He not only won the contest, and $75 in sporting equipment but also reeled , for example, fisheries biologists have been working diligently since