But, I will still ship them no matter what. I also find it interesting how Obi keeps his cool when Shirayuki compliments him on his looks and then awkwardly says: What does interesting mean, Obi?! Akagami no shirayuki Obi. What it would take for Shirayuki to marry Obi? When Obi is discovered by Zen, he begins working for him, and slowly befriends the rest of the group. Following this job, Obi lay low and other members in this 'line of work' passed rumors that Obi had either died or quit and settled down with a family. And nobody can deny that. I shook my head slightly at the thought and focused on what I was suppose to do now. Obi has short black hair, yellow cat-like eyes and a scar on his forehead above his right eye that is ususally partially hidden underneath his hair. Seriously. Obi's traditional line of work involved carrying out various 'jobs' that could be considered too high risk or too tedious for ordinary people to take. Obi continues to utilise the skills and knowledge from his previous line of work to find information to protect Zen, Mitsuhide, and Shirayuki, and to pursue those that seek to harm them and threaten his new lease on life. What was the first thing that popped in your mind when you came across the title Romeo x Juliet? Fleur-dRae 54,610 views. When Obi is conducting official business for Prince Zen Wistaria, he wears either a black buttoned official uniform that is long sleeved or light unbuttoned coloured official uniform with short sleeves and a black undershirt with long sleeves. Like this video? And I want you." Familiar. (I`d love more Kiki x Mitsuhide too and I`d like to see how Kiki proposes!!) When Obi comes to Lyrias, he wears black underclothes and a white tunic over the top, a fur-lined neck warmer and a cape that covers his right shoulder and arm. He is a nimble and skilled fighter, able to switch modes of combat quickly from swords to hand-combat, and even carries shuriken on his person. It is shown that prior to meeting Zen and company, he maintained no relationships nor friendships that could tie him down, and was considerably more aloof and seldom relied on others for help. For me the next big moment is the silent goodbye that they have in chapter 80. Shirayuki said. Shirayuki smiled and for Obi it felt like he'd won the lottery. …Obi and Zen duel over something to do with Shirayuki, just like they did while deciding who would escort her to Tanburn. What does she do? Hello! But Rona mecegah us out and shouted "I'm bored! He was a former assassin that was hired by Lord Haruka to prevent Shirayuki from entering the castle and meeting Zen. Kazuki and Itoya sedate Shirayuki and take her … 208 7. Obi tells sakaki to bring Rona in the basement of his house, sakaki lifts Rona to the basement. Originally sent by Marquis Haruka as a way to scare Shirayuki out of the castle, he later pledges himself to Zen after being discovered. He later becomes Zen's official messenger. (Includes re-upload of all Magic!AU chapters from Apple Red and Gold) Language: Where has she been through all these years? It is shorter beneath his ears and longer up top and has been styled in slight variations of the same cut ever since he was a toddler. It is shown that prior to meeting Zenand company, he maintained no relationships nor friendships that could tie him do… akagami no shirayukihime,akagami no shirayukihime manga,akagami no shirayukihime season 3,akagami no shirayukihime season 2,akagami no shirayukihime zen,akagami no shirayukihime izle,obi akagami no shirayukihime,akagami no shirayukihime tercera temporada 2017,akagami no shirayukihime episode 1,akagami no shirayukihime obi,akagami no shirayukihime wallpapper,akagami no … Series. So the name 'Shirayuki… Obi opened his mouth to reply, but before he could Vivi came forward and grabbed Shirayuki by her shoulders. The customer is always right. Don't like this video? This website saves cookies to your browser in order to improve your online experience and show you personalized content. Obi has a preference for being outside in the night and self describes himself as nocturnal. I’m sure it was… He later informs Shirayuki that he had met her before in Tanbarun, though he had never been to the Capital before. Part 41 of Hymn's Fic: Akagami no Shirayukihime Collection; ... At least he was trying to look like he was being scolded. "In that case, it'd be my supreme pleasure to keep guarding you, Miss Yuki." The customer if you prefer. His final job in this line of work was given to him by Haruka to target and remove Shirayuki from Wistal Palace to prevent her from returning and meeting Prince Zen Wistaria. I like Zen and Shirayuki but I will always love Obi more. And Shirayuki is a very busy one, so it's not like Obi's going to get bored anytime soon. I said, he then nodded his head and took Shirayuki's hand and lead her to the second floor and I followed them. Even if it doesn't feel like it has for the majority of the time. His prefered clothes include a head band that wraps around his head and covers his ears, khaki coloured shirt, black long sleeved undershirt, neck wrap, black pants, boots, and gloves. Appearance. Okay Enjoy!“Well that was fun right guys?” I dusted my hands and looked at all of the soldiers except Shuka on the ground in pain.”I told you guys she was messing with you.” Shuka sighed.”(Y/n)!” I looked over to Obi who was with Zen, Kiki, Mistuhide, and Shirayuki. Whilst not much is explicitly told about Obi's past prior to the main story, we are able to deduce that Obi had met Shirayuki some time during her childhood in the mountains of Tanbarun before she is sent to live with her grandparents. This video is about Obi does it better. He has unconventional ways of moving around buildings, often preferring to enter through the window or through a balcony rather than through the door. I want to play!" Obi is rather an aloof character and whilst he holds Prince Zen Wistaria and Shirayuki dear to him, he holds them at a distance not wanting them to know very much about his past. Lillian wolf Owl 3,696 views. Read reviews on the anime Akagami no Shirayuki-hime (Snow White with the Red Hair) on MyAnimeList, the internet's largest anime database. For some strange reason, I didn't know why but I had feeling that I didn't like seeing Obi holding Shirayuki's hand. Combine this with all the moments they have together and all the hints we've been getting over the anime and manga (they end up living with just one another and other herbalists for like 2+ years straight), and it's pretty clear that he's in love with her. Obi has told Zen in the manga that he "likes" Shirayuki. "You're my bodyguard - so that makes me your client, right? A submission from Hungary says the name Shirayuki means "White snow" and is of Japanese origin. 50+ videos Play all Mix - Obi x Shirayuki - Love Me Like You Do YouTube; Fall For You | ObiYuki - Duration: 3:01. Hey, friend! "Obi." The main arc begins after Izana’s forces triumph at a terrible cost. Obi nodded and winked. ... For all intents and purposes this week's offering felt like a slow, quiet and contemplative episode but make no mistake, the show clearly juggled multiple complex and intricate themes and ideas with an uncanny level of grace. Shirayuki's eyes opened wide in surprise to the new visitor, as she saw her long apple-red hair glitter under the bright sun, identical to her own hair color. When she first met Obi, he had been hired by Lord Haruka to intimidate Shirayuki into staying away from Zen and to frighten her away from Wistal castle. The teasing and answering smirks flow easy and the silences are comfortable. I really want him and Shirayuki to end up together...I do know it isn't going to happen since Shirayuki already has Zen and it's as clear as day that they will be together until the end of time. "Shirayuki" Obi smiled at me "I'm glad to have a master like you" My heart beat fast and hard to not answer the words obi, I fainted in the garden because of my heart The next morning, I was in the room and I saw Obi asleep next to me, I stroked Obi's head and said "You strange man, I … Obi (オビ, Obi) is currently an aide that stands by Prince Zen's side, along with Mitsuhide, and Kiki. This follows the story of Shirayuki, Zen, Obi, Mitsuhide, and Kiki, with only one difference. Obi is life. Obi fights to protect Shirayuki but during the assault he is distracted by Rona and Eugena entering the room after hearing cries of help, and is knocked unconscious. It’s honestly been a while since I’ve read the whole manga - I AM planning on giving it a total reread before too long - but I’m taking a quick look through the chapters, so here: Chapter 3 (first meeting)Chapter 7 (Raxd fortress) Chapter 9 (an underappreciated favorite of mine)Chapter 11 (Obi becomes her bodyguard, “my hand moved on its own,” the drunk scene)Chapter 12 (Obi helps Shirayuki with pharmacist work, he gives her advice)Chapter 13 (Shirayuki’s big jump, wears his jacket afterward)Chapter 14 (YOU’LL KNOW IT WHEN YOU SEE IT)Chapter 17 (Obi shows up in her window, the hair ornament)Chapter 18 (Obi only hates Mihaya when he finds out that he kidnapped Shirayuki, a nice shoulder touch)Chapter 19 (dance practice, Obi and Zen’s duel)Chapter 20 (ugh, there’s A LOT - a lot of them talking together, “that dress looks nice on you,” hair ornament stuff, adjoining rooms)Chapter 21 (Shirayuki tells him about her childhood, generally some nice looks and smiling)Chapter 22 (the infamous library scene, the balcony scene afterwards (I have my own way of interpreting what they say here), Obi having a wonderful personal crisis)Chapter 23 (OH MA JOK this chapter)Chapter 24 (wellll technically none, but anything involving Obi and the kidnap arc is fair game in my mind)Chapter 25 (the rescue)Chapter 26 (THE TALK, and Shirayuki totally blushes afterwards)Chapter 27 (a foreshadowing play performance? Obi POV However since being with Zen and company, he is shown to rely on those around him, and has the motivation to protect and watch those around him flourish. At this point. Obi shows up the next day, his mask firmly back in place. Surprised by her wit and bravery, and mildly curious about Zen, he hands himself over to Zen calling him "Master". Obi has a relatively mysterious past as a loner, but finds himself drawn to protecting Zen, Shirayuki, and their respective goals. In later chapters Zen orders Obi to be Shirayuki's guard … But her feelings are growing, her relatopnship developes with Obi. With his quick movements and reflexes, he is often sent by Zen to protect Shirayuki at times when he cannot leave his royal duties. It would be a good bookend for sure. Shirayuki has also commented on the beauty of his eyes. or, Shirayuki preps for a convention and Obi does his best not to let his mate collapse from overwork and lack of sleep. However he also wears the latter with a loose neck warmer when he has no official business and simply loitering about the castle. Their relationship begins quite terse given the nature of their first meeting, however, Obi proves his worth and is accepted as Zen’s official messenger and Shirayuki’s guard. ... Obi x Shirayuki [AMV] Cool kids - Duration: 3:10. He is just so amazing and he deserves a chance with SHIRAYUKI. Title: Messenger for the Second Prince of Clarines (formerly). He was leaping over a wall she was leaning against on the far side and her unexpected appearance distracted him to landing wrong and injuring his arm. :S. Oh and the crowning of Izana and seeing Izana`s fiancee (Haki) was nice too He is later promoted to Zen's Immediate Knight whilst still remaining Shirayuki's guard. Soon after, Obi is hired as Zen's messenger and placed as Shirayuki's personal guard. Sign in. Sign in to make your opinion count. Zen's medium length hair is silver blonde (white in the anime) with fringes long enough to pass his eyebrows. Chapter 18 (Obi only hates Mihaya when he finds out that he kidnapped Shirayuki, a nice shoulder touch) Chapter 19 (dance practice, Obi and Zen’s duel) Chapter 20 (ugh, there’s A LOT - a lot of them talking together, “that dress looks nice on you,” hair ornament stuff, adjoining rooms) Instead of sending Shirayuki to Lyrias, Clarines goes to war. I hope you enjoy it Bye bye! (Revised/expanded re-telling of The Beast with the Beautiful Face.) Read our Privacy Policy and Cookie Policy to get more information and learn how to set up your preferences. 1 Close Friends 1.1 Zen Wistaria 1.2 Shirayuki 1.3 Mitsuhide Rouen 1.4 Kiki Seiran 2 Friends 2.1 Ryuu 2.2 Torou Obi is one of Prince Zen’s aides and refers to him as “Master”. If you say that Shirayuki doesn’t love Obi like she does Zen I can accept that. )Chapter 28 (chilling in the greenhouse after hours)Chapter 29 (”I’ll take you wherever you want to go”)Chapter 30 (some serious kewt up in hurr)Chapter 31 (caught in the rain, onsen scene)Chapter 32 (MA FLIPPIN JOK the scar scene)Chapter 33 (Conversation on a horse)Chapter 36 (a wonderfully worried Obi)Chapter 37 (a highly-suggestive cheek pinch hahahaha, the adventure duo begins)Chapter 38 (piggyback scene, “MY HEART WAS ABOUT TO STOP”)Chapter 39 (some little stuff, Obi wants to carry her but can’t)Chapter 40 (friendshippy stuff)Chapter 47 (the hand touch that killed me)Chapter 48 (Obi watching over her while she sleeps - goes bossmode on some poor dude)Chapter 49 (Shirayuki gets used to wake Obi up)Chapter 50 (looking super fancy together as always)Chapter 51 (more fanciness and looks)Chapter 52 (OH UGH THIS SCENE this balcony scene just gets me)Chapter 53 (they fall asleep with hands touching, Obi brooding)Chapter 57 (THE HUG)Chapter 58 (a very very very very broody Obi……… “I LIKE MISTREEEEEEEEESS”)Chapter 59 (THEY KEEP TALKING ABOUT IT HOLY CRAAAAAP)Chapter 61 (Obi shows up at Willant - the adventure duo is official, watch the sunrise and have a little chat)Chapter 62 (THE RUN, THE CHAT, THE EVERYTHING)Chapter 63-64 (adventure duo)Chapter 65 (a lot of adorable silliness)Chapter 66 (Obi totally offers to help Shirayuki get ready, the dance)Chapter 69-71/72-ish (adventure duo), And then two I couldn’t find: the blue seed extra chapter, Obi and Shirayuki cooking together, ….Dang, I think we forget sometimes just how many there are…, Obiyuki community - Akagami no Shirayukihime (AnS) fandom - updates daily, announces Obiyuki-related events periodically. Zen's relationship with Shirayukibegan when he stumbled upon her in a forest while he was sneaking away from the castle. His eyes are a crystal blue that has been both jokingly and more seriously described as pretty by Obi. Join the community. Shirayuki has a sister? But anyway, that brings us up to date with the manga and my reasons for believing that the “Romance that Cuts through Fate” applies to Obiyuki NOT Zenyuki. Shirayuki and Obi go to Shirayuki's house as Kiki's step and mitsuhide fear and do the obi say. He's not drowning anymore. Obi continues to utilize the skills and knowledge from his previous line of work to find information to protect Zen, Mitsuhide, and Shirayuki, and to pursue those that seek to harm them and threaten his new lease on life. But if he looks closely enough (he always does), he knows something's changed. Series. He is later promoted to Zen's Immediate Knight whilst still remaining Shirayuki's guard. He questions why she is i… :smile: :smile: :smile: Into :apple: Akagami no Shirayukihime :apple: ? (7/19/19: Chapter 2 added - Obi is perturbed to find that his magic is not as potent as previously assumed) (11/9/18: Chapter 1 added - Shirayuki faces an enemy who might not stop at mere words) (12/22/17: Chapter 8 added - some of us like being brought to heel) According to a user from United Kingdom, the name Shirayuki is of Japanese origin and means "Shira is written the same way as 'Shiro' in Japanese, and 'yuki' means snow. The prince is of average height, but Mitsuhid… Obi is rather an aloof character and whilst he holds Prince Zen Wistaria and Shirayuki dear to him, he holds them at a distance not wanting them to know very much about his past. Obi has short black hair, yellow cat-like eyes and a scar on his forehead above his right eye that is ususally partially hidden underneath his hair. - I do not own any clips and music in this video - So, thanks for watching! Obi seems to start remembering Shirayuki as he eavesdrops on a conversation between Kihal Toghrul and Shirayuki when she states that she was born in the mountains of Tanbarun though does not remember much of it. Shirayuki/Zen Wistalia (3) Obi (Akagami no Shirayukihime)/Original Female Character(s) (3) Izana Wistalia/Original Female Character(s) (2) Original Male Character/Reader (1) Mitsuhide Rouen/Kiki Seiran (1) Izana Wistalia/Original Character(s) (1) After chapter 62 it’s mostly adventure time. An Amino community for the romantic anime/manga: "Snow White with the Red Hair". And most importantly, what path will she choose next? (Bad at summaries, but I'll try!) Soon after, Obi is hired as Zen's messenger and placed as Shirayuki's personal guard. Obi was heavily injured in a high risk job with a large wound across his chest and then disappeared into the woods when a fellow comrade, Torou, went to check on him. I`m glad Obi is still in the mix too, since he`s so loyal to both Zen and Shirayuki, and the whole group, but I`m kind of scared that too much ObiYuki will take over ZenYuki…. Shirayuki and Obi are attacked by Kazuki and his mysterious friend, Itoya. Eventually shirayuki and Obi enter the house shirayuki Although her name means "snow white," Shirayuki is a cheerful, red-haired girl living in the country of Tanbarun who works diligently as an apothecary at her herbal shop. It’s pretty clear that no one can beat Obi in a fight, so unless Obi lets him win, Zen will probably lose… And beyond that, I don’t have any clear ideas about what could happen. Obi is awesome.