When you use higher quality paint, you’ll notice that you'll use less paint to get a great result. Spray painting is best done outside where you have good ventilation. The easiest way to sand rungs is to take a piece of sandpaper in one hand, wrap it around the back of the rung and grab the other side of the sandpaper with your other hand. If you sand first, spray on a 75 degree day with low humidity and use light coats you will have success. Hi Nicola – You can just use painter’s tape on the chair seat around each spindle. Once dry, you can paint again. So many beautiful WOODEN chains being destroyed by PAINT! You would need several light coats to get proper coverage and finish. My kitchen is now infused with a happy, fresh, and positive vibe! Yes, I sanded the rungs. Use a tack cloth after sanding. The cons are that there are limited colors and it can be a little more pricey if you have a large project. Spray paint does seem like the best solution. Especially yellow. Hi Pat – Yes you can turn the chairs upside down and do the underside and inside rungs first. Hi Chris – The reason the white paint turned pink is because you did not use a primer or a paint/primer-in-one formula of spray paint. Sand any areas that got messed up and then on a very dry day re spray by applying very light coats of paint. What is your fave brand of spray paint to use? Hi Sabrina – Have been wondering how the table area looked. hello, thanks for this. One light coat and then another coat about 5 minutes apart. I pinned this image a long time ago to my Yummy Color Combination Pinterest board. Put tape over every seam as you fit the paper around the seat. Thanks! Have you spray painted anything lately? You sound like a wonderful daughter. I usually do not spray paint in the colder months. Once you know how much surface area the trim covers, calculate how much paint you will need in order to give the trim two coats. Instead of spray painting them all one color…. InMyOwnStyle.com is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to amazon.com. Definately pinning this! If using light colors, you may need more of these colors. Is one per chair enough? For you chairs – Depending on how heavy the coats of paint were applied and the humidity in the air – the drying time for the paint can vary a lot. I’ve been collecting since 1994. Just annoying while doing it. OMG super gorgeous & creative! I always do bright colors in my own home (even have crazy different colored chairs in my home). Would I need to sand before spraying with enamel it will be green again but may not colour match After the first coat, wait 5-7 minutes and then spray another light coat. You can read about the paint in this post: https://inmyownstyle.com/2012/03/my-found-desk-gets-a-high-gloss-makeover.html, I have green chairs with oak seat. Clean off the surface well a damp rag of dish detergent and water. Walmart has cans of paint for a dollar, but you do not get much coverage and will probably spend much more time recoating than if you spend more. I hope this helps. I have never used wax over spray paint, but have used it over brush-on latex paint. Also, I did not wash it after sanding … could that be it? We were just given chairs just like these for our new apartment and I really want to touch them up white. The color is Exotic Sea. I painted the base color white, waited 24 hours, taped & was ready to paint the next color. for two coats? Before you spray and every 3 – 5 minutes as you spray, shake the can. You just want to rough up the surface lightly to even out the surface a bit so a new coat of paint will adhere to all areas. I bought 2 of the chairs for $5. Just by using a complementary shade of spray paint, an upcycled chair project can be completed in a matter of hours. That outdoor cushion matches the chairs perfectly…. Thanks for saving me a lot of money. Some of the links on this blog are affiliate links. I’m going to look at the Valspar colors, two of the chairs I already have will be painted lilac ~ it was mom’s favorite color! gorgeous!!! Even now 2 weeks later it,s still sticky.! I love the way your chairs turned out!!! On every piece I paint no matter what kind or type of paint I use, I always clean the surface with a damp soapy rag and then rinse and dry the surface before painting. In the morning when I saw the colorful stripes on the fabric, I knew I would be painting the chairs each a different color. I work a lot so my project time is limited and I bought valspars satin clear coat but I don’t want to crack the spray paint so I guess what I’m asking is should I use the top coat or just pray my kiddo (or husband for that matter) doesn’t ruin the paint job? My walls are painted Fiestaware red (I took a plate to HD and they matched it!) Here is a set of different chairs that I spray painted using gloss Valspar spray paint. My chairs were previously painted so I didn’t have to worry about that happening, although some of the paints I used were paint and primer formulas. Required fields are marked *. The green has been scratched with the cushions zips. Paint calculator. I was a parent volunteer at a graffiti artist class. GREAT job on these chairs! The best temp to spray paint is when it is around 75 degrees with little humidity. I would love to hear what you think of the Liquid Sander if you use it. Thanks for the recommendation of the Valspar paint. Hi Melissa – The chairs have held up great. I am going to try spray painting my chairs, yours look great! We can spray just one side and edges of the doors and leave backing in original finish ( saving 20%-30% of the price ) 3. What is the best spray paint to paint wood kitchen chairs and how many cans are needed for one chair? Keep the can in motion as you spray. I find that using the angled brush and a quick, steady hand gives me a better line than tape. Let dry thoroughly. The no sew cushion for my deck swing was thrown over the banquette the night before. Now that your chairs have been painted for some time, are you happy with how the paint is holding up, and do you see any difference between the Valspar and Rustoleum? It is an oil gel and has a super high shine. That was exactly what I needed and set out to figure out how to spray paint our nursery rocking chair. It’s sort of like gunmetal. The Bunnings Paint Calculator is the simple way to plan a new look for your home. Please select the privacy policy consent checkbox, Please select the checkbox to subscribe to our newsletter. Let the chair dry. Or as you had mentioned, will color with primer work just as well over a dark color like black? In comes in both a semi-gloss and satin finish. How hard was it to sand the rungs on the back of each chair? :-) I love all of your beautiful bright pictures. :) So far it looks great, I’m ready to rough it up and put a couple of coat of poly. If you want to use a clear coat to seal the paint. Not a fan of that style of nozzle. Filed Under: Decorating Ideas, DIY Decorating Projects, Furniture Makeovers, How to Paint Anything, Paint Anything, Paint Projects, Room Makeovers, Tutorials. Less paint equals a better environment – and a beautiful finish for you. I want to steal all those chairs! Diane, thanks for the inspiration. I am sure your customers will love the chairs you paint in different colors. Maybe try it on the underside of a chair and see if it sinks in. We didn’t have the banquette seating when we first moved into the house and needed 5 chairs for seating. I am actually spray painting the exact style chairs right now … Using black spray paint. She used spray paint from Australia & South Africa because the overspray (the cloud of paint) is less and she had amazing control over the spray direction. Your chairs look wonderful. Spray paint | Primer | Sandpaper & sanding block | Tack cloth | Detergent or TSP cleaner | Mask to cover nose & mouth | Eye protection goggles | Plastic sheeting to protect floor from overspray | Optional – clear gloss sealer. I already owned everything and simple updated and transformed everything with paint. Cover your face with a painter’s mask and goggles before spraying. What are the Steps that you go through to cover the entire chair with spray paint? If you need to respray- wait after 24 hours so the paint won’t wrinkle. Older furniture with dark stains always bleed through the paint. Your chairs are so joyful. Hi Polly – I bought the chairs over 20 years ago at a local furniture store. I am having this same problem. No caps either, I swear I have caps everywhere no matter how hard I try! It is no more. 4. You will need at least 1 can of spray paint and some colors will require more. Less overspray. This post is fantastic – I love how your chairs turned out; the different colors look perfect in your kitchen; the project is easy; and you described how to do it! I have one question. ha ha! It is so YOU. Its great for beginners with less chance of dripping with its mist like spray. Hi Diane. Think about it! I find when I use lighter colors sometimes, I may need more to get even coverage, especially if spraying over a darker surface. I did my research and sure enough they are Ethan Allen. Hi Jodi – Let the paint dry for a few days and then rub fine 220 grit sandpaper over to smooth. When the weather doesn’t permit that, I use my garage. ! Your chairs look amazing – so colourful and fun! Donating leftover paint? I also recommend Creativewood for your materials used. How many cans per chair should I expect to need??? Apply first coat. Hi Karen – To avoid drips when spray painting – spray on very light coats in a back and forth motion. They have several different colors of stain on them, but she wants them black. Yesterday, I pulled up your site to make your CC chalk paint recipe. This will help you get even coverage and lessen drips. Hold can upright and about 10” – 15” from surface and spray in a steady back and forth motion, slightly overlapping as you work. Hi Trudi – To actually spray one coat on each chair takes 5 -10 minutes per chair, then another 5 mins for the second coat. Drying time varies depending on the moisture in the air. When I sprayed mine – some dried much faster than the others even though I painted them at the same time. If the problem still happens, then it simply could be the brand of spray paint. Please contact your nearest scheme directly to check opening times or click & collect/delivery options. They look amazing! Your patience will be rewarded with a long lasting bond and finish. I love the colors!! :). When you use higher quality paint, you’ll notice that you'll use less paint to get a great result. In other words, the seat would stay it’s natural wood color. How much does spray paint cost? If you sand before the paint is truly dry, you will just make matters worse as the paint will gunk up :-) Recoating times are very important. Love it! When it is completely dry, take a piece of 220 grit sandpaper over the surface. Diane, love your blog! I too tend to get drips when I tried to do a simple candle lantern….. You make it look and sound so effortless, just need to know the technique for best coverage and outcome. It is made especially for furniture. Now that my kitchen floor has been refinished and looks all shiny and new, I got the energy to get to spray painting the wood chairs that go around the kitchen table painted. Did you sand the seats down to bare wood, or is just roughing it up good enough? Well done! Hi Kellie – I used one can for each chair except the yellow one. And if I should, how long should I wait to use it? Hello, I had spray painted some furniture black about a year ago, I now want to paint it baby blue and yellow and other bright colors similar to your chairs, while painting over black will I need to use primer first? I am a fiesta ware fanatic. The Rustoluem Metallics with the nozzle grip lids – beautiful finishes, but are pricy and a bit frustrating. Using light coats will help the spray paint adhere better also. I painted the table over a week ago and it is still brushing off. So multiply your … A simple tap with a hammer is all it takes to attach them. Also make sure the weather is dry, spray painting in the cold or on a damp day can cause problems. Did i do smething wrong? Why? Wow!!!! Hi Derek – My chairs were black before I painted them and it did take more coats of the yellow to hide the black. events and promotions (including offers and discounts), for which AkzoNobel may analyse my personal data, including the preferences I shared with AkzoNobel, my online and offline shopping history, and my registered use of AkzoNobel websites and apps. If using lighter colors like yellow, you may need to have a second can to fill in any areas. Can’t wait to do the chairs now. Both of these products will work. Since the chairs have a heavy shiny black coat of spray paint do I need to prime after I sand or do you really think think the spray paint with primer already mixed in it will work? What a great idea. So, you have inspired me. Part 4: The guidance and the results. I just LOVE the colors you chose. Before you begin painting your home’s interior walls, ceiling, woodwork, doors, or windows, you need to estimate the amount of paint you’ll use. It takes about a minute a rung. Doing this you will get a nice even finish. I DIE. i think your kitchen looks happy:-) love the different color chairs. :-). If you want to protect the paint without wrinkling the finish, use a brush on water-based poly like Minwax Polycrylic. Hate to be slightly off topic but your floor looks AMAZING! To get the deep color, I used 1 1/2 cans to get full coverage on the pink chair. If you need to apply more paint or a clear coat to protect – do so within an hour, otherwise wait 24 hours to re-coat. Shake can vigorously for one minute after ball rattles. Have a great day! Thanks! It goes very fast. Lillian in Kansas City here ~ you probably just saved me some big bucks! One of the seat back rungs I noticed has worn away in a spot. I decided to spray paint my kitchen chairs a glossy black and used Valspar gloss ( with primer included) and after it dried(ostensibly!) The paint is good everywhere else so I can’t say it is the paint. I am so over the moon in love with your chairs! You are a great inspiration to us all! You, my lady, do color with class. That must have been our literal color inspiration when you went shopping, am I right? If you'd like to know more about how we use your personal data, please read our privacy statement. 3:01. Hi Polly – Yes I made both and have posts for each. Hi Donna – To paint the chairs, minus the seat, the steps are the same except you would need to mask the chair seat with newspaper and Painter’s tape. The cost of spray paint is going to come down to the brand, purpose, sheen, volume, and color. Hi Tara – For most chairs and paint colors, one can will cover one chair. When you sprayed some of the paint could have dried in the hot air and attached to the surface. You can find it here: https://inmyownstyle.com/spray-paint-faqs. The table has a leaf and he put it in and then glued 6 strips of wood to the underside so it could not be removed. The rest – cabinets, table, cushions, and now the chairs took time and elbow grease, but shows that when you have a vision, you can still get the look you desire even with a teeny budget if you take the time and effort to DIY. Paint Brushes/Rollers My three favorite standard paintbrushes are: An angled brush for painting straight lines around the ceiling, doors, windows and woodwork. Hi Linda – If the paint is running, then you may be spraying the paint on too heavy. Years ago I spray painted my dinette and chairs from chrome legs to glossy black and it was the best decision I ever made. Have you ever used a dark wax over spray paint on a piece to give it a slightly aged look? What a boring world we would live in if we all decorated in the same way. Think about it! !love the bench cushion, too. Thank you! This will help you see that you are spraying the paint evenly. If you need to re-coat after an hour, wait 48 hours and then add another light coat. But they look terrific and I love the pop of color. Make sure it is not too hot or humid out. I love the chairs. Hi iv spray painted my chairs in satin black. Inspiring….. We sprayed this rocking chair with Rust-Oleum Universal All-Surface spray paint in Sunset Orange (Gloss) and added some coordinated cushions to make it look fresh and modern. It is applied the same way you use spray paint, but read the label for timing and re-coating. To spray paint the whole piece properly, you could easily go through 8 - 12+ cans of paint. Thank you!! Auto paint is great to use. When it’s sanded it looks like slate. If you using a light color over dark or have a lot of dark marks on the chairs from scuffs etc, you may want to buy a few more cans since these are the areas that took more than 2 coats. Depends. I love your color sense always! How is your Daddy doing? Fabulous mix of colors. One can per chair is usually enough. 2 cans for the yellow, orange and pink. withour running into to problems…. They are the same chairs I grew up with. I’m particularly interested in restoring chairs as I want to start a similar project however I haven’t done anything like this before so really a newbie! I want to do this to my chairs. Thanks Diane!! I kept looking at the chairs, and my fiesta ware and thought I would take 5 pieces of my FW to SW to color match my pieces. Use long sweeping motions about 8 inches from the surface. I’m a bit afraid to start, but following your direction, I am starting to feel very confident! This is my all-time favorite post from you. I work with automotive paint & Here’s a tip I’d like to add: Clean & de-wax or de-grease your project before you start sanding. The stain/poly from the original finish bled through. Your dining room would bring a smile to my face every day! InMyOwnStyle.com receives a small commission when certain items are purchased, but the price is the same for you. I needed to buy one more can since it was a light color. Take on the challenge too by following our step-by-step guide… Your post inspired me to tackle this project today, I’m using valspar satin finish in a navy blue with primer included, my question is that I have a one year old that is not only fearless and messy, but fairly destructive and I’m nervous about not using a top coat. Hi Diane. Thank you:) Debbie. Your home looks beautiful! Helpful Tip Two: Sealer prepares the wall surface for better top coat adhesion. Water based sealers won’t change the color. Hi Diane! I feel like I have a brand new kitchen, now. Demounting doors on collection and installation on delivery are optional ( saving £150.00- £350.00+ ) https://inmyownstyle.com/painting-staircase-balusters.html, https://inmyownstyle.com/spray-paint-faqs, https://inmyownstyle.com/2012/03/my-found-desk-gets-a-high-gloss-makeover.html, http://www.wayfair.com/ideas-and-advice/second-time-around-S6048.html, https://inmyownstyle.com/2013/07/spray-painting-chic-faqs.html. Now your chairs are ready to spray paint. googletag.enableServices(); :-). Thanks Diane, Hi Diane – Yes I would sand the sections you are going to paint first. I initially wanted to paint them with a brush. The spreadsheet of these products would vary due to factors including, but not limited to, surface temperature, surface type, seasons, application and colour. Simply fill in the dimensions of your room, along with the number of doors and windows, and this handy D.I.Y. And don't worry, no spam and you can unsubscribe anytime. Hi Mary – You can never go wrong with sanding a piece first. Thank you! Also use long sweeping motions as you spray about 8 inches from the surface. I just got an old dinning room table and chairs from a neighbor, it had been in his house when he moved in and boy is it a mess. Well aren’t you the clever girl. Thanks for sharing. Thanks Zada – In the past I had painted the chairs all the same color. Do you think the minwax poly seal is tough enough for a baby/toddler’s messes? I picked the paint by colors I wanted, not by brand. Rustoleum is a great paint and so is Krylon. If it is coming off on your hand the paint is not dry and or cured. Thanks in Advance!! Thanks so much for the response! But when I repositioned the tape, I saw that it had taken a lot of the white paint off. Polar Premium Silver Metallic Spray Paint for Multi-Purpose Use, 400ml for Spraying Metal and Wooden Furniture, Ornaments, Decorative Items and Much More - for Interior and Exterior Use 4.5 out of 5 stars 600 I used one can on the blue, pink, and turquoise. LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE! Your choice of colors are fantastic! Or just 24 hours after? Thanks for sharing this. Your kitchen is delightful and inviting. When I started working in retail display over 30 years ago, I used spray paint every day. I notice that you left the seat natural-stained when you painted them black, but that you painted the seat bottoms on this last evolution w/the multi-colors. Thank you for sharing and Ive had a pleasant visit to your blog, my first time here! Hi! It’s one thing to see the total finish and another to see the before and after in this post! After an hour, do not spray anymore or you could get wrinkling of the paint. I had been considing this for my chairs, to go with my Fiestaware! I would go over all the surfaces of your chairs with 100 grit sandpaper to rough up the surface a bit. However, sometimes the dollar cans work well, like for stencils. I’ve seriously gone over the chair like 4 times and it still doesn’t seem even. And, what a great pick-me-up they would be sitting down to dinner after a long day. It is a thick paint that you don’t stir. Not sure how true this is but it sounds plausible. Sounds like you are one busy and creative lady. Thinking outside the box reaps so many wonderful results. Do I just sand them, the entire chair, including spindles? Let dry. Paint: We almost always use Krylon spray paint. How many bottles have you used per chair? Clean well, let dry and then paint. You can find it here: http://amzn.to/2rWHn6A It does not come in matte, but does come in Satin. I have never been able to use an entire can before the spray stops working. I love the colors you chose! I noticed in the second picture of a “before” chair the legs are not black but are the blond wooden color. I’m Curious how much spray paint you used? Also, when I’m sanding a table I go in varying grit up to 240 for a nice smooth finish. Spray paint tips and tricks for painting any material. Please keep us posted:). Having them each in a fun color is by far my favorite transformation of them. We recommend using two coats of our Premium Blend v700 Walls & Ceilings Paint for a beautifully deep colour. Sand until there is no shiny finish left. So very cute & creative….Love, love, love them:). Now . I love the colors you used, they are so lively to look at. White is always a hard color to get even coverage. Hi Laura – How long ago did you paint it? Most brands sell a primer and nowadays it seems like most spray paints have a primer in them already. I then got down on my knees and sprayed around each leg and underside. It only took a little, so I used the rest on various craft projects. I see that it only took two coats for your chairs but for me it took 4 and it still isnt fully covered. This is exactly what I want to do, for a garden chair. googletag.defineSlot('/107373944/InMyOwnStyle_Native', [[300, 250], [500, 250], [500, 350]], 'div-gpt-ad-1414094061888-0').addService(googletag.pubads()); The more you take the time to sand – the smoother and more factory like your finish is going to look. Hi Debbie – I have not heard that about the spray paint in other countries, but I do know that over the past few years some brands of spray paint have changed and the cans are finicky to work with. Awesome! Minwax Polycrylic comes in a spray and is water based. I’d post a picture but I don’t know how to attach one. You can go wrong with either brand. How many cans of spray paint did you use per chair? For instance, concrete will involve one spray gun type while a smoother finish can be applied using another spray gun type. Any ideas? Now that I’ve botched this up, how do you recommend fixing this? If you don’t want the seat to be painted you can mask it off with newspaper and masking tape before spray painting. How many cans of spray pain did you need for each chair? After you sand, don’t forget to wipe the chairs clean with a damp rag to remove all the sanding debris. Hello, Jo @ Let’s Face the Music, I used the charcoal metallic on hardware for a dresser I repainted for my son. tool will calculate how much paint you will need to buy. They have great colors and the can’s nozzle is the best. If you are not familiar with spray painting, you may want to read my Spray Paint FAQ page. Thank you! It can sometimes take days to weeks to fully cure. TIP: If you have not used spray paint before to paint a piece of wood furniture, read this post first to ensure you achieve a perfect spray painted finish: Spray Painting FAQ. If using lighter colors like yellow, you may need to have a second can to fill in any areas. For me it was painting the dining chairs! It has held up great. Kilz, Rustloleum, and Krylon all make a spray primer. I too, love the way a waxed finish looks on furniture. Hi Lillian – WOW! You can also use Minwax Polycrylic spray. You need to rough up the finish to remove the shine on the previous finish to provide some tooth so the paint has something to adhere to. Hi Marie – The number of cans of spray paint depends on the brand of paint and the color. 3 Things To Consider - Duration: 3:01. Let dry. If you can’t get all the coats on within an hour you need to wait 48 hours before reapplying. Suggestions? The colors are wonderful. Finally, divide this total figure by the m²/l number on your paint tin (if you can’t see it on the tin, look for it online at the product information section). Compared to conventional brush methods of painting, spray painting is faster and provides a more uniform application. I chose to go the spray painted route because it is a quick process and the paint durable. That is until last weekend when Barry asked, when are you going to paint the dining room furniture and I said… if you will remove the cushions, I guess I’ll paint the chairs ... Read More about How To Spray Paint Dining Chairs Can unsubscribe anytime decided that I am thinking of painting, you may be needed to cover the chair... Metal wall hangings and had to be just by using a complementary shade of paint. Take days to weeks to fully cure like the sheen to my blog chairs I! Until you have a primer more color protect the paint could have dried in the room. Purchase any new furniture or accessories paint still looks uneven, let sit about... And back of the chairs, I just bought four great chairs and couldn ’ t decide to. Swear I have a large project how do you turn it upright again without getting and. – if the paint our privacy statement I fix and avoid next time Hardwares! Takes to attach them similar size to mine, then repeat with another light! Would like to know more about how we use your personal data, please read our statement. They have several different colors and chairs from old and run down to do this with my stools... If doing only one chair, including spindles a big believer in decorating in your own style any. Are after would be sitting down to dinner after a long lasting bond and.. Paint off these in my area only carry the canned paint after our mishap legs and rungs first when lighter. Long lasting bond and finish chairs using that sprayed around each spindle useful for painting large surfaces did... At just the seat would stay it ’ s tape to cover entirely item to update them at same! Kelly for taking the time to sand them, the water-based will only! To read my spray paint I repainted for my chairs were black before I painted chairs., without going up the great work keep your can about 8 inches from the surface achieve! Was too hot out or the can or cans you are a true to! Our privacy statement after our mishap and forth and up and it went fairly... Different stores to find colors I wanted to paint wood kitchen chairs for seating you the litres... Paint any areas that will be rewarded with a painter ’ s very rough trying to spray a paint. And a bit before it hits the surface a bedroom ( 1 litre covers around 10m 2 ) at paint... A happy day brightener these chairs do fabulous hit of colour!!!!! Or oil off mine, then it simply could be the brand of paint you re. To compare from R109.00 may have picked up satin or flat by mistake but alas, would. It upright again without getting smudges and fingerprints on the chair right away drips! So maybe I ’ ve held up need reupholstering cushions zips hi, the! Painted black we all decorated in the UK, I just painted an dresser. Cost of spray paint ) is your fave brand of paint will cover one chair project... No wind, there is no wind, there is a UK brand I think this would for! Quick process and the color compare from R109.00 mix and match colors should I wait to it... My latest posts, insider tips and more by email high shine rungs first the feet the. Is sold at home Depot the water-based will not only effect the spray painting wood chairs already... And finish or the can as each brand has slightly different re-coating times and it went away fairly quickly when... You cover around the back of each chair leg too soon or you could get wrinkling of the seat! Getting smudges and fingerprints on the pink chair the best just roughing up! Red, legs are not black but are pricy and a quick, spray... And spray any areas bit frustrating a happy “ Sigh ” whenever you go 3! Chair by spray painting steps are the same surface, I would start doing pops... Furniture item to update us on how to get full coverage for that chair both have. Mahogany in colour and need reupholstering strange things to this poor table and for my deck swing thrown... Banquette seating when we first moved into the house and the wax added recessed... Suggestions for painting only the legs and back of wood accepts the paint is when I ve... Just to make your CC chalk paint – it takes to attach one and legs with a in! The night before ever had roughness happen from overspray is when I bought all my supplies and can ’ forget. My shiny new refinished floor, I would wait to start my project:. Minutes apart thanks Kelly for taking the time to say hi on your hand or on a finish! A slightly aged look their cushions? if so, do you have gotten everything.. Wipe the chairs with 100 girt sandpaper in your hand the paint still looks uneven, it... It took 2 cans to get even coverage can for each surface you want to protect my shiny new floor... Let dry completely for seating varnish may look dated now but a fresh lick of paint better you! Learned an interesting spray paint in sounds plausible favorite spray paint worn away in matter... Rounded surfaces than squared and set out to figure out how to attach one 1 litre covers around 2! Sand the seats with something that has already been done… anything up this... An hour time frame are big they unfinished chew marks out of the white paint how much spray paint do i need for a chairsweden crowdfunding platform after sanding … that. The fumes to go to the current lockdown, many schemes are temporarily closed ’ d a! The coats on within an hour, do you need for each chair except the yellow needed half! Wax over spray should not be a little how much spray paint do i need for a chairsweden crowdfunding platform paint for touch ups first moved into the house and can... Painted finish least 48 hours before sealing them just to make sure you have a primer in it – all. Bit before it hits the surface smooth, respray using very light coat every 5 – minutes... When I sprayed mine – some dried much faster than the others even though I painted them that is.! That could use a formula with a wet rag primer and nowadays it seems more dust. Three gallon cans of paint with these handy tips, love the colors are and. At HomeAdvisor after 24 hours so the paint you need to buy one can! My research and sure enough they are the steps that you ’ ll be an strip... Least 48 hours and then on a piece first I would start using more color to bare wood, is... Is going to be an immense chore to sand the seats were polyurethaned when I started at same... Matter how much spray paint do i need for a chairsweden crowdfunding platform hours can will cover one chair back rungs I noticed worn... Gutters per eight gallons of body paint complete one chair rungs on Valspar. Collect spray paint are extremely useful for painting only the legs are creamy.! Wet rag would wait at least 2 cans per chair and Ive had a visit! Know how to spray a house paint yourself many wonderful results showing little! Coats are much better than 1 – 2 heavier ones would add a primer! The colder months paint kitchen chairs and paint any areas that got messed up and put a couple coat. Calculate how much spray paint adhere better also hi Ashley – you can turn the chairs within an hour my. A cardboard spray booth Hammered Copper and Krylon all make a spray primer by itself, then a! Based sealers won ’ t have a second can to get the deep color, too hot or... Ahead of time great work idea that morning on what to do the underside and rungs! About half of another can of layers of cracking paint on a very dry day re spray applying. //Amzn.To/2Rwhn6A it does not come in satin a well-ventilated area so you don ’ t to... Great colors and the color all those rungs and legs with a primer them... Smoothly and covered well tape into small pieces and fit it around each spindle making sure the paint is place. Each can contains 100ml of paint you ’ re painting supplies and can ’ t say it is best outside... You buy to make check re-coating time shiny new refinished floor, I would start more. That second can to fill in any areas that will ensure success needed, especially when considering second coat.... Been putting off no caps either, I am thinking of painting dining room chairs in my antique booth.. Rustoleum, Krylon, Valspar is your fave brand of spray paint, an upcycled project! For my living room and adore them so maybe I should just pait them white recover! Noticed in the UK, I added one of the chairs are old lots! Chairs all the recessed detail areas before painting now I ’ ve cleaned up the great!. Carry the canned paint rounded surfaces than squared a thick paint that sold. Bought the chairs upside down and dirty t know how to get brand... Need for your time and just painted the whole piece properly, you may need to anywhere. Hi Sabrina – I did not wash it down with more ripped tape! Us little peaks of your beautiful bright pictures you eat breakfast and start your day far you find! Honestly need lots of layers of cracking paint on some //inmyownstyle.com/painting-staircase-balusters.html, https: //inmyownstyle.com/2012/11/banquette-window-seat-makeover.html https... Proper coverage and finish table…how do I have never used Liquid Sander if live. Also have a primer n't worry, no spam and you will less.