I'm fine with them taking a break to work on other projects but there's so much amazing iconic moments in the Buu Saga (even if it is the worst saga of them all) imagine TFS Gotenks, Vegito, Majin Buu/Mr. perfect cell. Es ist durchaus ratsam sich darüber zu informieren, wie glücklich andere Menschen damit sind. Even if it is just a oneshot. frank sinatra. Sadly, that’s not going to actually happen. by TeamFourStar . I personally hope they do. save. Archived Comments are locked. I'm Lanipator of Team Four Star, ask me anything! Video of Buu Saga Begins! As far as anybody knew, at least one more season—this one focused on Dragon Ball Z ’s final arc, the Buu saga—was on the way. Home to anime/game parodies, streams, reviews, music, and more! Join. Seeing the abridged character personalities in weird new situations would be interesting but I also understand it would probably take some good writing and thought on how to expand it and what to cut to abridge it with a satisfying conclusion. 994 comments. I'm Lanipator of Team Four Star, ask me anything! Satan, Majin Vegeta etc it'd be such a waste if they never did it :(