Thanks Dom for the advice about sticking with my older Zephrus Ultralite rather than replacing with the new one. Some argue that a longer rod protects light tippets. There’s a compromise, of course. When I stumbled on The Mono Rig and Why Fly Line Sucks back in 2016, I had a Loomis XLS 9′ 3wt gathering cobwebs back in the corner, and I thought, why not? Advantages Of Fly Rod; Advantages Of Fly Rod. Hi Don. A fly rod is a fishing rod constructed for fly-fishing. On my homewater, Valley Creek, I prefer my 7 foot 4 weight. It is in broad principle made like any other fishing rod, but there are some major differences, and an ordinary fishing rod can't be used for fly-fishing. I glad I can have more than one length rod, but I think if I could have only one rod for all round Euro style fishing, I would go with a 10.5 footer. And while this is also one of the most common questions I’ve fielded through the years, it has a complex answer that I’ve never tackled in an article. I would really stress that all anglers really put the rod through its paces and experiment with different techniques and styles. And where the tip goes, so goes the line, leader and fly. . How long does it take for the rod to recover, so it’s ready to make the next quick movement? I have a 10’6” nymphing rod and one point of note is trudging that thing through mountain laurel is a painful process. When you do the geometry, an extra foot of fly rod provides about three feet of extra reach at thirty feet. I can switch from streamers, to nymphs to dries without any problem and the rod is stiff enough to rightline but the tip is flexible enough I can cast all but the lightest of dries just using my monorig and packing extra punch into the cast. It was too heavy and too flexible at the tip. Like I lost a section or something. Cast the tip. I usually use soft hackle wets and the shorter rod lets me put the fly on target. If it doesn’t, then you will know for sure, and can trade for a 10′. — Steve Rajeff, Loomis. Fly anglers, however, have been slower to climb on the kayak fishing bandwagon. Fly fishing is an angling activity that uses a lightweight lure to catch fish. Look at how short some conventional offshore trolling and jigging rods are. I advise against that all the time, for many reasons. bucks (about 3 times what I paid for it!). . George Daniel’s new book, Nymph Fishing. ** For a list of my favorite fly rods, visit the Recommended Gear page here on Troutbitten. In fact, the "average" fly rod today may be both shorter and longer than a lot of "traditional" rods. Since 2014 and 600 articles deep Troutbitten is a free resource for all anglers Your support is greatly appreciated. On larger streams I like my 9 ft. 5 weight because of it’s versatility. I caught trout on both setups. Now try to lead the streamer directly back to you. by Domenick Swentosky | Nov 24, 2020 | 36 comments, Read the Troutbitten Article  | Buy the Vest. And learn to accurately judge the distance you are casting. You will want to try either a Switch rod or a Spey rod, both have their advantages … The following is a list of advantages and disadvantages of short and long fly rods. Drop. By allowing your body to create most of the power, called body casting, the spey rod will finish the casts with considerably less arm effort. So a specialized rod of eleven feet makes sense to them. Fly rods are more different than they are the same. . But can tell you this,Shadow2 takes a lot of punishment,and Echo had replaced broken sections in 2 weeks. I’ve spent many days tightlining from dawn till dusk with that 10′ #5 and never felt like I needed something longer or lighter, although a 4 would be nice for some of the stuff I fish in the summer. Hi. READ: Troutbitten | Fly Casing the Mono Rig — It’s Casting, Not Lobbing. I’ve become accustomed to 10 feet for larger water, and when I dust off a nine-footer it feels abbreviated. Remember, anything that touches the water drags. I have an 11foot 4 weight. Long rods generally take longer to load on the backcast than their shorter brothers. After fishing with you two summers ago, and given my favorite stream is primarily a nymph stream, nymphing is my go-to setup. (I still prefer the crisp action of a shorter rod.). Extending this principle into real-world fishing quickly reveals the handicap of a longer rod for streamers. Rod - Length For small, tight creeks, a short rod (6- foot) is worth considering. So if you’re thinking about a new fly rod (and who isn’t), it’s helpful to understand the upside and downside of that extra length. Because keeping line off the water is a very big deal. Fly rod manufacturers today sell more rods in 9-foot lengths than any other, but that doesn't make it "standard." And while I can still fish a nymph up close with the 8’er, it just works so much better with 10’ of graphite. Pause slightly for the fly to drop. Again, these days, it seems that the companies want to pigeon hole these rods into doing just one thing. I’ve received countless questions about my thoughts regarding euro lines and mono rigs. . I haven’t fished streamers yet, but I think it will be fine with bead head style streamers fished Euro style, but not ideal, I know. The slightly longer rod would be very helpful in keeping the fly line and fly a fraction further up from the water surface, especially noticeable when going for distance and aerializing longer line outside the rod tip. It's … Perhaps I’m sacrificing versatility but do enjoy the experience of fishing various rods and experimenting what capabilities they have. I love reading people’s thoughts on rods and love nymphing, so this story is especially enjoyable. I don’t much like the first generation Cortland competition (10.5 foot 3 weight). And you might have to force your elbow tight to the body to get the rod tip in the right place. Recently was nymphing on my home stream, the Esopus in NY, a fairly deep average depth swift river. One point: slower action is not necessarily best for Mono Rigs. Love Troutbitten. A few weeks ago I was fly fishing with a buddy and his two sons. Join Troutbitten and follow along. FREE Standard SHIPPING Use Code APFreeShip, FREE Standard Shipping On Orders Over $25 - Use Code APFreeShip. That’s the truth. Is a rod that is longer or shorter than your current 9' going to help you? I used to own a Fenwick fiberglass 6 foot 5 weight that I loved for small streams with lots of overhead cover. Recently, fly fisherman have been trying to catch anything and everything on a fly rod, and are able to do so in most cases, so to say fly fishing is just for trout, is really false these days. A longer fly rod gives you more water (under the rod) to fish effectively. And if you want something extra long in your hands, you have many viable options. For example, I use a 9′ 5 weight Sage Mod. Excellent fly rod if you are learning how to fly fish and looking to choose your first fly rod. Rod Length. I choose versatile fly rods because I’m a versatile angler. They are all wonderful rods, and the current Ultralite LL, 9’9″ is my favorite. “I would add that whether it’s a nine or ten foot rod, they tend to be more versatile than the manufacturers specify.”. Devin Olsen did the math on this a few years ago, possibly more, if the trout are picky enough to reject the fly at distance, Trout Like To Do What Their Friends Are Doing, Distance: Know Your Weights and Measures — Part Two, Troutbitten State of the Union — 2020 Wrap Up, VIDEO | Fly Fishing the Mono Rig: Streamers — Episode 1, Tight Line and Euro Nymphing — The Lift and Lead, Streamer Presentations — The Tight Line Dance, Fifty Fly Fishing Tips: #43 — Two Ways to Recover Slack, Get Short and Effective Drifts with Your Fly, Fly Casting — Five Tips For Better Mending, Lost Trout Are Your Fault — Streamer Fishing Myth v Truth, The Meat Eater Minority — Streamer Fishing Myth v Truth, Fifty Fly Fishing Tips: #21 — Fear No Snag, Streamer Fishing Myth v Truth — Eats and Misses. Simply put- there is no standard (or traditional) length. Imagine this: Cast up and across-stream to the bank. And many of them are excellent tools that fish well. Then, as written in the article above, they start to suffer as an all around tool, in my opinion. If you fish hard and pay attention to the details, you’ll often catch, miss or turn enough trout to learn something. I haven’t used the latter much — the two extra pieces of rod (six inches) are often superfluous to my needs, and the weights are more than I want to deal with most of the time. When traveling any distance at all to go fly fishing, it helps to have a fly rod that packs into a small storage tube. 2021 thanks, Dear Dom, One more negative foot long rods. Watch Next Video. Brant Oswald, Livingston-based guide and writer: First of all, let’s agree that the fate of the world is not resting on the decision between an 8½- and a 9-foot trout rod. Your synopsis of length and casting is spot on. I had been using a 9’ 5 at rod for all my fishing for the past 20 years or so. The accuracy is amazing. And I think the extra length would outweigh any disadvantages. There are many reasons for that. . But of course, the longer the rod, the stronger it will also be - so if you want to catch a huge bass, for example, go for a 9-feet rod … These are first person accounts showing the thoughts, strategies and actions around particular situations on the river, putting the reader in the mind of the angler. Never had that problem with typical nymphs like a prince or stone fly. In this case you may be simply rolling, dipping and dapping because there is usually no need for a back cast. Clearly the 9' rod has become the standard with  single-handers. This article answered many of my questions on what rod is best for my type of fly fishing. If you know where your rod tip is, you can cast any length of rod in any cover. These extra-long rods are now reasonable options for trout fishing. If it doesn’t, you don’t own the right rod, yet. I’m a father of two young boys, a husband, author, fly fishing guide and a musician. And the river. Don’t let Dom put doubts in your head. With streamers, we use the rod tip to lead the line and the fly on a path. Have a 7ft 5wt and a 10ft 5wt. Where to Start: Redington Butter Stick, 7'6" 4 weight - Excellent for smaller streams and tighter quarters! Rods exceeding the 9-foot mark benefit from fly lines with longer heads.”. Look forward to each article. If you are like me, you might wonder if you made the right choice, whether you keep the 10.5′, or exchange it for a 10′ rod. Shortening the rod means less material, lighter weight, and a more responsive blank. Convinced I lost more than one. Instead, the selling point, just a few years ago was versatility. Improvements in materials, like high modulus graphite, allow for the building of fly rods that were not possible a few years ago. The reality is, in a mountain-laurel-choked brookie stream, swing distance for a fly rod is at a premium. Every day, I cast the the client’s rods as some point too. And it may not be so beneficial when using tactics that employ a lot of mending. Before that, I was a die hard 9′ 6wt guy, and had several of them with different actions that I would choose from. But years ago, a rod that long was unwieldy. These views address all seasons, all distances and many variations . If you’ve learned the nuances of your favorite tool, and your technique is solid, then you likely have the necessary accuracy. Understand the length, thickness and weight of your leader’s butt section. Casting a long rod in tight cover can be uncomfortable. Definitely an acquired taste. I was using an Scrambled egg pattern With a size 16 pheasant tail. Of course, for many anglers, a long rod is just part of their streamer fishing style. That’s the benefit of a longer rod. (This is very similar to the tight-line leader recipe George Daniels recommends, but negates the necessity of buying several spools of various stuff.) Now, of course, you will find examples where one company’s eleven-foot three weight loads faster and is more powerful than the next company’s ten-foot three weight. I recently tried a bamboo rod (Orvis midge-nymph from the 70’s) and couldn’t cast accurately with it due to the soft, slow action. For me, anything longer than ten feet is too limiting for streamers, and I don’t like the way ten-plus feet of a fly rod loads with an attached indy. Each time I think about getting a medium action graphite rod in that 7'6" length--say, a GS 773--the Epic does it, and in most cases does it better. Why do you like or dislike the length of your rod? I had a few euro specific 10 and 10.5 footers. Required fields are marked *. So our rod hand movements are amplified with longer rods. Ferules cause stiffness at a specific section of the rod which causes added pressure at that point. I’m still learning. So long tippet under water to reach the strike zone. If I want to switch over to dries or whatever, it’s easy to remove and wrap up on a foam spool. Near Effortless: No overhead casting strokes required. And be nice. If the rod is eleven feet, then holding the rod to your right makes the fly track eleven feet to the right instead of back to your position. It was great. All Points Fly Shop + Outfitter. are true, but I think the differences between a 10 and 10.5 are probably too subtle for most of us to notice, especially within the same model. Family. But you’d be even more accurate with a shorter rod. I think what he says about recovery and accuracy, etc. I can switch from tight-line to dries or whatever with no problems. They all catch a lot of fish using different rods in different lengths casting their own go to “confidence” flies. Leverage: For battles with deep-water pelagics and other big fish, short fly rods provide more power and leverage for applying serious pressure during the fight. Good reels at a fair price. That is SO true. Tick. Your email address will not be published. So consider your goals, understand the pros and cons of a longer rod, and then find your point of compromise. Here are some ways in which a longer fly rod can help an angler. In both of these situations, it might be helpful to have the rod tip closer to us and have that tip be a little more responsive. Jeez Dom, now you got me thinking. I bought a Tenkara rod for my young boys a few years ago, because the longer a rod is, the more control the boys have over a drift. Especially nice after selling a couple older rods to buy it. Thanks for your feed back. For the recon rod I tried out throwing dry flies with it successfully up to 15 or 20 feet; enough distance for me. I just purchased an Echo Shadow X 10’6″ 3 wt that I haven’t used yet. I know — you’re deadly accurate with your favorite fly rod.
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