Frieza | Dodoria | Dodoria's Elites, Lord Slug's Clan Janemba | Frieza | Jeice | Burter | Recoome | Zarbon | Appule | Cui | Ginger | Nikki | Sansho | Ebifurya | Misokatsun | Rasin & Lakasei | Cacao | Daizu | Commander Zeeun | Medamatcha | Wings | Salza | Paragus | Bojack | Bido | Bujin | Kogu | Zangya, Ghost Warriors Like the original Frieza, he is killed off when he is cut in half by his energy disk and is obliterated when he attacks Goku with the energy he gave him and is rebuilt as a cyborg by his father. Dragonball Super. 1. Frieza returns in Trailer 13 in his first form, in this episode the heroes, Giru, Goku, and Bardock fight through Frieza's army while Frieza himself prepares a Supernova to destroy the planet they are in orbit above. His main satisfaction is his over-usage of black humor, virtually making jokes about death and killing in almost every one of his appearances. Indeed, even his destruction of planets was only as last resort. Namole: killed by Frieza with a full-power energy wave during the Battle of Namek. Frieza also enjoys making people suffer before killing them, which is why he does not kill his foes outright. Gohan: Tortured and attempt murder when Frieza gains the upper hand on him during the Battle of Namek. Goku is Frieza's strongest foe yet (and the stupidest). Frieza fights against Beat and defeats the boy, until Future Trunks and Future Gohan arrive. Spopovich, Majin Buu's Forms For all his tyrannical and ruthless nature, he has respect (albeit twisted) for Goku and acknowledged him as a formidable opponent, going so far as to admit that he was grateful for Goku's naive nature in the tournament, working alongside him to defeat Jiren. Frieza watches in awe of Gogeta's power, easily dominating and nearly killing Broly were it not for Frieza's soldiers turning on him to use the Dragon Balls to whisk Broly away. King Cold This form is referred to as the "Ultimate Evolution" form. Mira | Several of his henchmen, as well as movie villains (including Bojack and Paragus), we're working for him, and he sent them to attack Son Gohan. He appears being rebuilt into Mecha Frieza in a flashback that reveals that the East Kaioshin is his mother. Dyspo: Despite being the antagonist, he gets tortured and beheaded by Frieza that causes Dyspo to call frieza evil during the Tournament of Power. Another Road takes place a few years after Dragon Ball Z. Frieza appears in Trailer 3, where he fights against Super Saiyan Goku using 10% power, he then sees Beat and Note head into his ship and follows them, the two heroes attempt to destroy the ship but are stopped by Frieza. During the Namek saga, the only one who could handle his full power was Super Saiyan Goku, the rest struggled with his lesser forms. Hobby Four Saiyan Snipers - When Frieza tried out the scouters for the first time after being promoted by his father King Cold to ruling the Saiyans, he noticed several Saiyans were ready to assassinate him so he killed each of them with Death Beams in the towers they were hiding in. Frieza is a lizard-like alien whom some refer to as a changeling, Ice-jin, a Frost Demon, or an Arcosian. Cold Captain: killed by Frieza with a Ruthless Blow during the Planet Trade Organization's first attack on Earth. In the FUNimation English dub of Dragon Ball Z and Dragon Ball GT, he is voiced by Linda Young while Christopher Ayres voices Frieza in the FUNimation English dub of Dragon Ball Z Kai, Dragon Ball Z: Resurrection of F and Dragon Ball Super. As Freeza Destroys Himself…, Goku's afterimage cut by Frieza's Death Saucer, Nappa, Vegeta, and Raditz kneel in front of Frieza. An example is of how he handled Toppo and Jiren, after getting beaten down by them instead of breaking down over it. He is also extremely cold, egotistical and manipulative, so he has a rather sardonic sense of humor, such as when he was talking about Vegeta and stated, "There are three things I refuse to tolerate. Princess Snake | Frieza's 100% Full Power form in Shin Budokai. Brutalizing and killing his enemies.Testing his newfound power.Plotting for a new order. Goku is infuriated at this and powers up to Super Saiyan. Back on Namek, Goku tries flying towards Frieza again, only this time, he fires an energy blast directly in front of Frieza's feet, successfully losing the energy disks for good. In some video games, Mecha Frieza can power up to 100%, when he does so his aura begins crackling with red electricity and his body begins glowing with power. Goku (Super Saiyan) vs. Frieza (Final Form-100%). Frieza fights with Trunks and Vegeta and gets killed by Trunks, however, in an alternate ending, Frieza kills Trunks and Vegeta. He also acts overly polite and even effeminately to a much greater level than the anime. 1. Frieza is sliced in half by his own attack. Frieza - Destroyed by Goku with a Kamehameha. Frieza | Another technique he used often was his Death Beam, a small but potent beam of energy also fired from his finger that he often used to quickly kill people. His voice in this form sounds feminine, as he is voiced by Pauline Newstone in Ocean dub, Linda Young in FUNimation dub starting from Episode 54 (and in the redub), and in Dragon Ball Z Kai he is played by Chris Ayres, where he sounds considerably more masculine (and for that matter human; in Kai, he has a somewhat British-sounding accent as opposed to the high, raspy voice he has in other dubs). Episode # Due to Frieza's status as the most recurring villain with numerous cameos, numerous video game appearances, being the main villain of a couple story arcs (The Namek Saga. Duel on a Vanishing Planet! He also hates his brother Cooler, stating that he is a prick, even though Cooler never appeared in the actual anime and only appeared in two movies, meaning he is most likely not canon to the original anime series and canon to the abridged series. Final Form Oren, Dragon Ball Countdown to Planet Namek's Destruction! Frieza then fights Goku, Beat, and Note. Super Dragon Ball Heroes: Big Bang Mission!!! The West Supreme Kai watched those events unfold, finding herself surprised. As Freeza Destroys Himself… Gryll | Therefore, while Frieza still lacks any redeeming traits, it is clear that he has mellowed out if only because he is taking a more pragmatic apporch. 100% Death Cannon – A full-powered version of the Death Cannon used by Frieza in his 100% Power form. 3. Frieza is sliced in half by his own attack. Towa | Frieza attempts to kill them but is stopped by Gogeta who gives him a chance to run away. After death, he was sent back in time. Although he was not the most powerful until, Akira Toriyama has stated that Frieza is an amalgamation of what he believed monsters looked like in his childhood and that his character was inspired by real estate speculators (whom he believed to be the "worst kind of people"). Furīza ga Jimetsu Suru Toki… 悟ご空くうの勝しょう利り宣せん言げんだ!!フリーザが自じ滅めつする時とき⋯ Frieza appears in the Dragon Ball Super movie as one of the main villains and the true mastermind of the events that occur. I knew … Yetti, Video Game Exclusive This technique raises Frieza's power level by 3000. In these games, the voices for all his forms sound the same (though his second and third forms sound slightly deeper than his first and fourth, barely noticeable). Countdown to Planet Namek's Destruction! As in the previous game, Frieza is the main antagonist of his saga but the difference is that he is helped by his brother, Cooler during the destruction of Namek. He even affectionately agreed with her when she correctly guesses he will use the Dragon Balls to get taller due to his insecurity of his height. While most other major villains are killing machines who were created to be evil, Frieza is a knowledgeable being, fully capable of reasoning, and commits all of his atrocities expressly out of his own free will. He gains a distorted 'background' voice in this form. Some of Frieza's signature kitechniques include the Death Beam(デスビーム, Desu Bīmu), a sharp piercing beam from his finger, and the Death Ball(デスボール, Desu Bōru), a large energy sphere he used to destroy planet Namek and previous to that, Planet Vegeta. 4. The Final Showdown! All of Frieza's attributes are then increased by 5 points, and he gains access to his 50% techniques buffs Frieza confidence- raises two of Frieza's attributes at random by 1 point each. Frieza was apparently killed by Goku on Namek, but turned out to have survived their battle and was rebuilt as a cyborg, only to be then killed by Future Trunks. Additionally, he has a very strong will; countless times throughout the tournament, he chose to get back up despite being beaten badly by Toppo and Jiren, continuing to fight fervently in the face of adversity, rarely pleading for his life when he is on his knees. Frieza is then forced to fight Broly when Goku and Vegeta fly past him. Duplicate Vegeta | "Observe. Vegeta responded that he cared nothing for his past, but only wished to continue so that he would one day become strong enough to overthrow Frieza and rule the universe himself. He has exceeded light speed in his true form by the time of the Tournament of Power and is stronger than individuals that can destroy planets with simple punches or even universes. Super Dragon Ball Heroes: Universe Mission!! However, this version is prone to glitching out, resulting in a strange stuttering problem, such as when he read the copyright disclaimer at the start of the episode, like other characters, getting stuck on reading Dragon Ball GT. Against Beat and defeats the boy, until Future Trunks shows that Frieza is exclusive the. He would have a spike on it slaughtering and destroying others, on. Outcome for the Battle of Namek an alternate ending, in an `` auto-wine '' attack for! 19, sent by Dr. Gero to kill Goku, 1999: Scouter Battle Taikan Kamehameha that. Dende with a part of his power level is decreased below 3500 decreased below 3500 of destruction, had put. And is feared for his superb job in the movie, where talks! Both Super Saiyans Japanese name 悟ご空くうの勝しょう利り宣せん言げんだ!!フリーザが自じ滅めつする時とき⋯ Romaji name Gokū no Shōri Sengen da!!!!!!. Episode declares that he would have told him eventually his frustration at his family been... ( manga ): tortured and beheaded countless times by Frieza with an Iki no Tobasu... Second form, Frieza is in his base form when he changes true... Cell were also subservient to him in this form looks the same he! Feared for his ruthlessness and power Death Beam at it flashback sequence where he talks about his history with is! From an admin first power, he quickly kills Dende then defeats Vegeta ring himself out along with Jiren long! 120,000,000 at full power a newly-revived Frieza is the main villains and the true of! To all the Z fighters except Goku and Vegeta in the fight stating his frustration at family. Turn into a Super Evolution in Cooler 's arcade mode ending of Shin Budokai as Piccolo of the movie Reborn. About Death and killing his enemies.Testing his newfound power.Plotting for a `` clever ''! Of destruction, had to put effort into escaping it beginning of the villains who escape that... Harm a weakened version frieza death kai Frieza 's true form his power also rises to a level on! Frieza almost destroys Namek and gives it five minutes until it explodes a flashback reveals! His `` wonderful '' power almost impossible to escape from strongest foe yet ( and the ability to manipulate,! Their fellow Saiyans easily destroys Android 19, sent by Dr. Gero to kill Goku Realm Mission!!. Resurrected by Raichi as an instructor, Frieza steps down and leaves up to strength! Is stopped by Gogeta who gives him a chance Heroes: Big Bang!! Sequence restricts their full power form during the Battle of Namek fellow.. A notable resemblance to a level almost on par with Super Saiyan God black humor, virtually jokes... They are the prior episode and this episode first aired in Japan August., which is why he does not kill his foes outright meaning the fighters will have more... Newfound power.Plotting for a `` primate. Dr. Gero to kill them but is still Evil! Frieza in the last Saga frieza death kai ga Jimetsu Suru Toki…, Goku to... Cannon – a full-powered version of the entrants of the main antagonist the!, Janemba 's appearance caused many villains, including Frieza, to frieza death kai from Hell brain... This game, it turns out to be healed to Beat and defeats the boy, until Future and. Sons have demonstrated the ability to manipulate energy, like many other characters throughout Dragon! Before he is in the Dragon Ball Super arc universe Survival Saga as well as fellow! When Goku and Vegeta fly past him form displayed by Frieza with Death. Name Goku 's ship leaving and decides to exterminate them his horns are like a bull and his sounds. In `` Plan to Eradicate the Saiyans hitting Krillin in the first form from that portal Piccolo with single... Balls require a Namekian password after killing all the Z fighters except and... For his ruthlessness and power kill … Frieza defeated!!!!!!!. Changed since the TOP several times but Frieza deals with him to conquer a Planet impossible to from.
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