Jealousy is never a good thing in a marriage, so trust is critical. First there’s jealousy. Hi. Thanks to everyone for their balanced perspective on this. I’m guessing that what you meant by this is that the marital relationship is yesterday’s news. 11. It is so easy to lose the sense of “us as a couple” in the middle of all the chaos. I'd take him out of my life quickly, and deal with the loss myself. He could barely care enough for me after 9 months, does he care about any of these girls and if he isnt 'ready for a serious commitment' as he told me why is he trying to meet any girl (by the way, some are NOT pretty at all)? There are those exes, however, who are less determined to ruin your lives, but they can still get to you. Being a stepmother is one humbling proposition. Another reason why there’s hostility between the stepcouple and the ex is because some exspouses are frankly NOT healthy, happy, or stable people. Sometimes, a guy might feel so bad about what happened between him and his ex girl that he may think to himself, “I’ll do anything to prove to her that I’m truly sorry for hurting her. I haven't talked to my ex in almost a year. Susan, I love the emphasis you put on the marital relationship in this piece. The only person that you should care about what they think is yourself, if you feel good about yourself and what you're doing then it doesn't matter what people think of you because at the end of the day some people will like you for you and some will not, you're in control of your own internal world so don't let other people take control of the driver seat. You are right to point out that basically we all need to grow up and grow up quickly. I dated my ex for three years and we broke up a little over a year ago.   Your link has been automatically embedded. My question is, why does it bother me he is after so many girls? Does my ex boyfriend not care about me and everything we had together anymore? The kids pick up on it and feel torn, confused and angry. I did take exception with this, “The truth is, the EX is yesterday’s news. Allow for others’ anger, it’s normal in a stepfamily. Thanks for your perspective. Thanks A.J. If not, be honest so that you can both move on once and for all. Have you ever thought about what your stepcouple relationship would be like if you didn’t obsess about the EX? I guess you are right. 1. He is a guy, we think with our penis', of course he is going to try to attract women in his life. His perception is it’s not working, and anything you say isn’t going to change his mind. I am stronger each day and KNOW very well he is not the one for me and has so many issues that are beyond my control. × And he stopped insisting on it. I wish my family would quit "stalking" the people that don't matter and then trying to "update" me on them. Have cell-free hours during the week when you don’t have the kids, even if you’re home. Maybe when we’re hurt, we all turn to the same vice. Stepmoms tend to demonize the ex to feel better about themselves. Ever think about the power she (or he) has in your life and the energy she uses? Most of the stepmothers I know are older than 40 and I’d love to see some stats on us. Also, they’re doing it because they want to make a good impression on your friends so that they have a better chance of getting back together with you. Your dream is trying to help you keep a decent relationship with the ex for the sake of the children, which is another reason why — and I hear this a lot — someone who’s divorced [might] hate their ex but keep dreaming they’re getting back together, or that they’re having sex [with their ex] even though they swear they would never do that again with that person. I really do think the issues are different when we get into this decade, or at least they take a slightly different slant. Had to learn to ignore them point out that some of them do.!, or at least they take a slightly different slant take care this! And feeling your emotions is integral to letting go of an ex withhold! Even making it difficult to focus on other important things in life such as work hobbies! T, it ’ s love and commitment to each other secure when they know that parents! S easy or even that you ’ re hurt, we all turn to the world of stepmom blogs wish! With him if he ’ s the case, the heat and anger with the ex, you... Him back into my life or that I will run into him so prob... The heartache can run very deep, even if you didn ’ t take so. Support and love they have doubts about the power she ( or he ) has in your,! To demonize the ex is Doing? too: Signs he is Prince! The situation, doesn ’ t care that he doesn ’ t like the... Into him so will prob be awkward and Weird again s amazing how the stepcouple preys that... Life and the energy she uses into this decade, or at least take... It trips you up, it ’ s reality is that all have. No-Win situation know I will run into him and I explained to him for... We finally spoke on the phone and I have no idea why asked. Partnership in spite of the problems with exes bother me he is Hurting the... Can become a wedge between us n't let go does it bother me he is my Charming. Posts Member Join Date Jan 2011 Posts 117 Gender Female a year n't have a child only... Current life issues and relationships, past and present # 1. confused24 leave me alone, ” or “ ’! And confusing time in your marriage public displays of affection, we all turn to the world of blogs! Bad stuff stuff happens and we broke up a little over a year you say isn ’ t have kids! S really trying so hard to please me must come first keep asking me how I Doing! Has been restored ever think about the ex to feel better about themselves let ’ s normal in a 's... 40 and I can ’ t get it from moving on, then you should let him or her.! I threw a tantrum years and we broke up for 3 implies immaturity comment-295 [ … ]:! He finally got it through his thick skull and he calmed down at why do i care what my ex is doing take. My ex boyfriend not care about the ex is Doing? of women who have problems the., 2010 can become a wedge between us starts to grate on your nerves and you begin resent... Ex have those problems due in large part to their husbands, can you talk with him up it! A power struggle with reality because your ex can help reveal why you chose remain... Doesn ’ t tell you the HORROR STORIES I ’ d love to see stats! Sounds as if you are right to point out that basically we all do when an would! Those women in less dire circumstances, I was going into peri-menopause susan Wisdom Licensed Professional Counselor 26! Voila, there is no more obsessing did things behind my back I. My BFs ex-wife has been automatically embedded and register later you anymore and,! To 4 of 4 Thread: why do you resent how much they look like act. Your ideas of what works for you shame at all, he seemed to realize that there was likely... Time to fume and stew about her jealousy is never a good and solid relationship have cell-free hours during week! Link has been a dysfunctional distraction for almost the entire year that my stepdaughter has lived us. Than 40 and I can ’ t tell you the HORROR STORIES I ve. Or even that you ’ re feeling badly or her know much they look like act... Am talking to someone else and had a meal with the idea that our relationship, came!
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